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Tom Hicks' goal is achieved - the Texas Rangers are hip

0129-daft-punk-pcn-getty-3Former Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks once said that he desperately wanted to see his team become fashionable in the sense that people would wear Rangers gear.

There are now Texas Rangers "team stores" near downtown Dallas, and one in Fort Worth. Being a Rangers fan is hip, cool and chic. The team is national.

Shortly after winning a slew of Grammys on Sunday in Los Angeles, the duo "Daft Punk" - which is seldom seen out of their robot costumes - were caught by TMZ cameras at the LAX security lines. They like the Texas Rangers.

And just this week, the trading card company "Topps" released a Texas Rangers Russell Wilson trading card. The Seattle Seahawks QB was selected in the Rule 5 MLB draft last year, and has no intention of playing baseball, but the Rangers drafted him to be a motivational somethingorother to players at training camp. 




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