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Who knew - Jason Garrett has some power

Scott-linehan-1e180f6958150080Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett may not have total control, but he has not lost all influence. One year after handing offensive assistant Bill Callahan play calling responsibilities, Garrett has effectively taken those duties away.

The Dallas Cowboys have reportedly hired former Detroit Lions assistant Scott Linehan to join their staff, and very likely to call plays.

After another 8-8 season, at least one head was going to be chopped. Callahan hasn't been fired, but this may be worse.

For the third season in a row, the Cowboys will have a different play caller. How Callahan remains on this staff after such a public demotion is hard to believe ... not that it matters.
The Cowboys will now have three men - Garrett, Linehan, Callahan - who want to call plays. That won't create any problems.
With Callahan calling plays, the Cowboys offense ranked fifth in the NFL in points per game. But it was the way they lost some games where Callahan's play calling, justifiably, came under tense criticism. Specifically, the Cowboys' home loss against the Packers in December did Callahan in; the Cowboys blew a 26-3 half time lead. The Cowboys rushed for 134 yards in the game on only 18 carries, yet threw the ball 48 times. 
The Cowboys' pass offense ranked 16th in the league. The team attempted 586 passes, 13th in the league.
The Cowboys' rush offense ranked 24th in the league. The team ran the ball 336 times - 31st in the league.

Linehan worked with Garrett when the two worked on Nick Saban's staff with the Miami Dolphins in 2005. 
Since being made the full time head coach in 2011, Garrett has replaced his defensive coordinator twice (Paul Pasqualoni, Rob Ryan) and now an offensive coordinator.
Hiring Linehan is the clearest sign that Coach Process, in the final year of his contract, is going down his way.

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This move smells of Jerry Jones. It was Jerry's idea to make Garrett a walk-around head coach last year, remove his play calling duties, and assign them to Callahan. Once Jerry let the cat out of the bag, there were several press conferences for the purpose of Garrett saving face and making it appear as though he was making the decision to give up playing calling responsibilities. It was obvious at the time that Garrett was reluctant to hand over those duties, but he knew he had to appease the owner after a disappointing 8-8 season. I suspect the same thing is happening now with difference being that Jerry learned to let the coach break the news this time around.

L Knight

Agree, this smells of Jerry. But, Garrett must, must make all pre 2014 coaching decisions; even to the extent of being released before training camp. This is the facts: Jason w[ll be fired if he don't make the playoffs.

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