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Why Jason Hatcher has to go

Dal_u_hatcher_b1_400The little house was not too far from Jena High School. The little house was a bit off the main roads in Jena, where some of Jason Hatcher's sisters still lived.

A lot of NFL players have a story, and Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher's background is not ideal. His father was mostly absent. His mother was over burdened, and died when he was young. The man who helped Hatcher out was not too long ago thrown in jail for selling drugs.

If Hatcher leaves the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent for one more dollar to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars, or some other team, just applaud him. This guy came from nothing, and the former third round draft pick from Grambling State knows just how hard life can be without means.

On Sunday after playing in his first Pro Bowl, Hatcher Tweeted: "#CowboysNation I did it for yall. Thanks for all the support, hatch will never forget it. God bless!!!"

The Cowboys are, once again, against the salary cap. And it does not appear they will be able to keep their best defensive player in 2013, who is now a free agent.

Despite being a third round pick, Hatcher was a long shot. He did not have the benefit of high-grade coaching, and when he entered the league he was beyond raw. His career has lasted more than twice as long as the average NFL career.

At 31, this is not an ideal time to cash in on the monster free agent deal. But he can play, and maybe he will be as productive for another two years as he was in 2013 when he had 11 sacks as a defensive tackle.

This is about as close as Hatcher can get to that monster check. Despite living in DFW since 2006 and estabshing roots for both he and his family, he will never be too far removed from having so little to make any other choice but to leave if the amount is one dollar bigger.

God knows he's earned that right.

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Even though Hatcher had some nice sacks last year, it is the correct move to let him go. Too many times we've seen Jerry overpay aging players in their 30's. The Cowboys are going have a tough decision to make with DeMarcus Ware, also. It's painful to let familiar faces go, but for the good of the team it's time to get younger and cheaper at a lot of positions.

Ruben Hinojosa

First, I want to thank Mr. Jason Hatcher for his commitment to the Cowboys organization. And most importantly, to his willingness to put GOD first in life. Thank you Mr. Hatcher, for all the hard work you've given to The Cowboys Nation. The drive you exemplify, warrants all recognition received.
Your Pro Bowl selection was earned. The level of talent will not be overlooked by the other NFL teams. Get the Wisdom, don't worry about the money.
GOD's Love to You.
Ruben H.

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