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Why Wade Phillips can't get an interview is not because of his age

On the same week one former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator finally landed a head coaching job, a former Dallas Cowboys head coach can't get an interview to be an assistant.

Mike Zimmer deserved his chance, which is why the Minnesota Vikings named him the new head coach.

Wade Phillips has had several chances, which is why he can't land an interview.

Wade IIIThe recently fired defensive coordinator of the Houston Texans is 66, and is mystified why he can't land even an interview. He Tweeted on Thursday: "Disappointed not even an interview after 7 straight full seasons of top 10 D with 3 different teams. Last 5 times as D C= playoffs1st yr"

The man has always known his resume better than a 21-year-old out of college. 

He also told SiriusXM NFL Radio that perhaps his age is working against him. That may be the case, but the other reality is that after more than 30 years in football, the people doing the hiring and firing are realizing the big results are just not there for Uncle Wade.

Wade has been either a DC or a head coach since 1981. His defenses always, awlays, always get numbers but they never get the January wins. He reached the Super Bowl once, with the 1989 Broncos, but lost.

It would be hard to dispute that the man has not enjoyed a successful career - few last as long as Wade does in this profession - but, for whatever the reason, he has never been attached to the game's biggest winners. That, more than his age, may be the biggest reason his phone is not ringing.


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Wow. Taking blog space to bash Wade while Cowboys fans watched a season of Monte Kiffin's defense set records for most yards allowed. I don't know if Wade will get another NFL coordinator job, but you look at lousy defensive teams like the Jags, Vikings, and Falcons; Wade would definitely be an upgrade on their coaching staff.


Everyone in the NFL knows Wade. Decent guy. Personality of a dead squirrel...second only to Jim Caldwell, the great stone face now coaching the Detroit Lions. The NFL takes care of its own, and that's obvious. I suspect Wade is just finding it hard to accept the fact that his days in the NFL feed bag are coming to an end.

Ray Owens

Wade is a good coach; organized, smart, well schooled, and nice. That last one, 'Nice' has been his down fall his entire career. His players don't respect him. He is too soft. He is not direct enough. Maybe it kept him in the league longer than he should have. He is a decent enough guy but he is not NFL quality. I wish him well and am glad he is no longer coaching any team I root for. Maybe there is room for him in the college ranks although I can't see him recruiting. Who knows?!?

Rob Tentoy

Davidmar, no kidding. Heck, Monte Kiffin is 7 years OLDER than Wade and his terribleness is employed.

Sorry Mac, nobody in Dallas Cowboys Pressland gets to mock Wade Phillips unless the first sentence of that piece is:
"Now, first off, nobody deserves to be old and unemployed than Monte Kiffin, but-"


It's obviously racism.

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