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Your 2014 Continuity Cowboys

ImagesNow that the Dallas Cowboys are up to FIVE Pro Bowlers after another memorable 8-8 regular season, there is no reason to change a single thing. At least that is what the man in charge, Mr. Jerry Jones, is thinking.

Jerry has become Jake Blues: "We'll put the band back together, do a few gigs, we get some bread. Bang! Five thousand bucks."

It's gonna be great. Just like the '70s. And the '90s.

In this incredibly depressing interview with Carlos Mendez from the Star-Telegram from the Senior Bowl in Alabama, Jerry Jones has decided to keep a good thing going. Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan and head coach Jason Garrett are all coming back in 2014.

17r2N8.St.58As will nearly the entire offense, with the exception of Miles Austin. Hell, bring him back, too. This time he will be healthy.

The defense should expect to be gutted, not that it already wasn't by Week 17 of the regular season last year. If DeMarcus Ware is back, which it is beginning to look like he will not, at a minimum the Cowboys will force him into a pay cut.

The secondary - Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr (maybe), Orlando Scandrick, Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox should be back. Linebackers Bruce Carter, Sean Lee and DeVonte Holloman should return. On the line, defensive end George Selvie should be back.

And Dan Bailey (thank God). And Chris Jones.

It's gonna be great.



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What are the Cowboys? If there was ever a team searching for an identity, this is it. Nobody from Jerry on down has a clue of what they are trying to do because I'm not sure they know themselves. Armed with 7 middle round draft picks and no salary cap space it will be interesting to see how they attempt to remake the team. My guess is that it will be another year of the same.

what about love

none of this will matter. NY is going to improve. Redskins will definitely get better with a healthy RG3. And the Eagles will be tuff once again. our window to make the playoffs passed us by this past season. our division was down and we blew it. look for a squad that will finish below .500 next year. who cares what our defense does. it won't matter

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