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A first for a TCU recruiting class

FORT WORTH, Texas - National Signing Day came and went, and every college program in the nation not only got a little bit better, but filled needs with talented kids who want to graduate, and "won" the day. With for-pay websites that put stars next to a kid's name that is nothing more than a guess, college recruiting has become a cottage industry greater than the NFL draft. 

Assessing a recruiting class takes about three to four years. 

011310tcu_t300Former Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said he thought player acquisition was a 50/50 proposition. I asked TCU head coach Gary Patterson what he thought a recruiting class needs to be in order to be called "successful."

Patterson said to have a team like he did that won the Rose Bowl a few years ago, "you have to bat 75 percent" in recruiting.

Aiding his chances at batting for a higher average is that in the past six years TCU has morphed from a regional into a national name. The football team is actually reflective of a student body that now includes a general population from Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, California, etc.

The class TCU announced on Wednesday features 22 names, seven outside of Texas. That is the most Gary has ever had outside of Texas since he took over. Included in that is linebacker Vinny Ascolese, who is from North Bergen, New Jersey. He is also a Parade All-American. TCU has its first Jersey Boy.

Gary's main focus is Texas, but now he has the ability to go outside if he can't find what he needs close to home.

Of late, TCU has landed quality players from Louisiana (defensive lineman Chucky Hunter), California (defensive back Jason Verrett), Georgia (Jordan Moore) and now New Jersey.

"Not trying to go out of state," he said. "In recruiting, it's about what you are trying to get to that you will feel like you can win at a very high level. We are all going to miss some. We are going to make mistakes. Everybody in the state except A&M on Johnny Manziel. Nobody recruited Andy Dalton. There are a lot of kids. I've always said, 'The day after signing day, you could sign another 20.'

Ohhh .... let's do that. That would be even more fun.


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Finally, a VERY positive article on TCU football from Mac !!! : )))))

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