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Big Mac battle of new Fort Worth Mexican restaurants

FORT WORTH, Texas - Just when you thought God could not create more space for another Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, He has delivered - we have more Mexican cuisine alternatives beyond just that of Taco Bell, or Joe T. Garcia's.

In the past few months, Tina's Cocina has opened as well as Velvet Taco.

IMG_3283Whether you are drunk, stoned, straight sober, happy or sad, both of these new places satisfy the conventional, and unconventional, Mexican food needs. They are both different, but solid scores and should stick around in the increasingly volatile, and unpredictable, restaurant business.

Tina's Cocina offers conventional Mexican cuisine in a no-nonsense dining area in a very-basic "strip" mall. The owners are not putting their efforts into the exterior but they are the food. According to my friend, Chris "Mother" Garcia, you know a Mexican restaurant is good if Mexicans are dining there. Tina's Cocina's fits that description.

I did the Tortilla Soup - not bad - and a couple of tacos. They are small, but taste original and home made. This is a mom's kitchen taste.


Velvet Taco is more of a chic, seen-and-be-seen taco joint. Imagine just about any combination for a platter, and then throw it inside a crispy taco. What you have is culinary caloric magic.

ImagesCrispy calamari, fried oyster, fish n' chips, to cuban pig to flank steak are among the many Taco choices available. I went with the Fried Oyster and Texas Burger tacos, and both were solid choices. For lunch, two tacos should be enough. If you are carb loading for an endurance race, or a walk to the 'fridge, don't be afraid to order three or four.

Both places cater to different crowds, and are an accurate reflection of their respective neighborhoods. Tina's is no-frills among the hipster crowds on Fort Worth's growing Magnolia Avenue; Velvet taco is a bit more chic.

Both places are worth the visit.

Velvet Taco
2700 West 7th Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Tina's Cocina
961 West Magnolia Ave.
Fort Worth, Texas 76104


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Some consider it a "fast food" chain, but Taco Cabana has no peers for taste.

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