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Big Mac cooking: A burger gone terribly right

Padma-lakshmi-picture-2In an effort to branch out, the Big Mac Blog is expanding. Time to go into the kitchen, and dethrone Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri and that pompous mouth, Tom Colichio. Padma? She's cool. She can stay.

This is all you need to know: The following recipe I made up is awesome, (mostly) carb-free and very Paelo friendly.

Big Mac Blog Guac Beer Cheese Burger
1. Throw into a bowl:
1/2 lb ground beef. It's OK if it's older. Ground beef is like red wine, only different.
1/3 cup beer. Just do it. Don't ask questions. Just pound the remainder of the beer.
1 egg. Again, just do it.
1 tsp kosher salt. Or sea salt. Or just a lot of salt.
1 tsp black pepper. Just take some pepper packets from a Wendy's and you're good.
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese. Just do it.
2. Combine meat into a giant, fat burger.

IMG_33753. Put 1 tbl butter in a skillet. You can eat the rest of the stick of butter.
4. Over medium-high heat, throw the burger on the skillet and press down.
5. Cook until meat is done to desired taste.
6. When done cooking, plop a decent amount of guacomole on top of the burger.
7. Very important - no bread or bun. You do NOT want the carbs.
8. Best to be consumed with chips, fries and beer.


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Guess who is coming to dinner, Mac? The paramedics.

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