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Casey Pachall is candid about TCU

0805_tcu03McKINNEY, Texas - Casey Pachall graduated from TCU in December, and he currently is living in Plano and training at the Michael Johnson Performance Athletic Training Center in preparation for TCU's Pro Day.

For a larger story, the former TCU quarterback was nice enough to give me about 20 minutes on Thursday. (BTW - I came away completely impressed. This is not the same guy who got busted for a DUI.)

The last question I asked him was, "What do you make of the current state of the TCU football program?"

He said: "It's rough right now. There is zero leadership. Nobody wants to step up and take charge of anything. It's rough. That is why they have the stuff they did. I still love those guys. Maybe they made mistakes, everybody does. I'm not putting those people down at all. They are still my good friends. Things are going to happen and as a team they need somebody to step up."

I followed with, "How does the team get that?"

"It's one of those things where every now and then you may say something to a teammate, and it may make them mad, but when they sit down and think about it they know it was sincere and it wasn't getting on your ass," Pachall said. "A lot of these guys don't want to speak up, they just want to blend in with the crowd. They want to be cool with their teammates, instead of getting on them and getting something going."

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I'm sure Mac enjoyed seeing behind the curtain and feeling like he was getting inside information, but what good does it do for the team to have their dirty laundry strewn out in the street?

Rob Tentoy

I don't know how much he said in his 20 minutes, but I'd be curious if he ever accepted any responsibility for the current state of affairs. Since he impressed you so much as a changed person, maybe he did and you just didn't have room to print it.

Because when I read this, I hear a guy that is almost giving an A-Rod "24 kids" response.

"Hey, yeah, never mind that my arrest and subsequent leave of absence completely destroyed any momentum the team had going into Big12 play and also just ignore that I was basically handed the reigns to the team when I came back and there appeared to be no leadership during that season either."

Name must not be blank

All I have to ask is, what's up with you Mac?

Was there nothing else Pachall stated in 20 minutes besides the very last answer he gave you? I guess nothing else in the interview had quite the potential to disrupt TCU's team morale even further, eh?


As much as I think TCU should never have been allowed to join the Big 12 I can not let this loser make comments like this without stating "what BS". Who does this guy think he is fooling? He is a recovering addict who needs to deal with his own issues and control his own impulses.


Enough about TCU and its problems. All teams have problems, and this comes from an All-American in my sport. Time to move on and talk about positives going forward. This really is getting old . . .


Hey James. Does calling Casey a loser make you feel good? Why don't you go over to Dallas and say it to his face.


This guy beat Boise in Boise. We can argue the busted for DWI or busted for weed to death. Let him talk.

Mike Morales

Glad that you were Impressed Casey. Looks like he got his life together. Too bad your interview wasn't longer.

Big 12 Fan

I'm with Rob on this one. I'm glad the guy is trying to get his life together, but I'm wondering where the owning up to the problems it may have caused with the team comments are from Casey. Unless Mac decided to leave that out of the interview.


Poor Casey, life has been so unfair for him.

Jodi R.

I love Casey. Always playing the blame game. I'm sure he will make a great town drunk shortly after he figures out he blew his shot at the NFL.

David Conner

I like Casey and stood by him through all this
Bad publicity and him screwing up our big 12
Momentum. He was the quarterback and a lot of this was
Because of his lack of leadership ! He threw key
Interceptions and didn't do any better than Boykin. Injury or
Not , he just wasn't effective anymore after coming back.
I like him, but man that was hard to watch. He
Has no right to throw TCU under the bus. That is
Low class and Rude.
He didn't help his team. We sucked and he
Threw his potential away.
Like the game vs West Virginia and Baylor. We had the games
Won. Key mistakes by Casey can't be overlooked.
The man that beat Boise with all the swagger?
He hasn't been around apparently he needed
Liquid courage to be captain Casey.


When Casey made the comment about zero leadership, did anyone have the presence of mind to ask Casey about Trevone Boykin?

Seems to me Boykin has done everything asked of him and handled it in a classy way, at least publicly.
At minimum, Boykin has shown leadership by example.

I hope an NFL team takes a late-round flyer on Casey. He could still be a nice QB with his physical tools, assuming his life is as turned-around as it appears. Good luck, Casey.

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