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ESPN 30 for 30 doc' chronicles how the Rangers could have had Robinson Cano

Nothing ESPN has done since its creation has been any better than its "30 For 30 series", which has branched out and become must-see sports TV. The latest creation is a "30 For 30 Short" that chronicles the Texas Rangers, and their trade of shortstop Alex Rodriguez to the New York Yankees.

Rangers-owe-arod-40-millionThe 22-minute documentary is a fascinating watch. It reviews the day A-Rod signed with the Rangers for 10-years, $252 million and then the reasoning to deal him three years later - the money was too much for then owner Tom Hicks.

A-Rod told Texas Rangers GM John Hart he did not want to be a part of a rebuilding process with the Rangers, and that he would entertain deals to the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox.

According to Hart in this documentary, he called Yankees GM Brian Cashman first, who said "Not at this time." Cashman did not think they had a place for A-Rod, because they had Derek Jeter at short and Aaron Boone at third base. Not to mention the quiet tension that existed between Jeter and A-Rod's envy towards the Yankees' captain.

Rangers owner Tom Hicks called the Red Sox, and that is where A-Rod was going. The Red Sox were going to send Manny Ramirez, and possibly pitcher Jon Lester, to Texas.

Since this is an ESPN creation, the focus of the short 'doc is on the Red Sox/Yankees rivarly. This does not focus too much on A-Rod's intense desire to leave the Rangers, and to be a star in a major market. A-Rod went so far to call a high member of the player's union to lobby for a deal to Boston, and he agreed to reduce the seven years, $179 million remaining on his deal.

That is what killed A-Rod to Boston; Aaron Boone suffers an injury, and the Yankees had a need at third base, which the Rangers' player OK'd.

Here is the killer - Cashman said they would deal Alfonso Soriano, and then any player on a long list of minor leaguers. The Rangers went with Joaquin Arias. On the same list was Robinson Cano.


Click here to watch the documentary on

The film will also air Sunday, Feb. 16, at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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Dan G

Easy to say that hindsight, but this happens all the time. Teams pass up opportunities to get players that unbeknownst to them will be stars in the future.

Greg Dreiling

It's an interesting story. If you are not a Rangers fan it might not mean much to you but if you are a Ranger fan, you'll find it very interesting.

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