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Former Mavs Lam Lam-Kardashian lands a gig in ...

6a00e54f7fc4c5883301a5116f6a30970c-300wiOur favorite former Dallas Maverick and reality TV star has found a new home - in Spain. According to this from, forward Lamar Odom has signed with a team in Spain.

Get your Lam Lam Laboral Kutxa gear now! Click here for the team's website, which is throwing out the red carpet for Lamar.

Odom, 34, last played in the NBA in the 2012-'13 season in for the Los Angeles Clippers. He played in all 82 games where he averaged 4 points and 5.9 rebounds.

He enjoyed a memorable 50-game stretch for the Mavs in the '11-'12 where he managed to sulk, pout and whine so much the Mavs cut him in the middle of the season because the two sides had no use for the other. In that season, he averaged 6.6 points and and 4.2 rebounds.

Odom has struggled mightily since the Los Angeles Lakers dealt him to the Mavs for a first round draft pick in 2012.

Camiseta-juego-azulgrana-1314In the last year, stories have circulated that Odom has struggled with drug use, and his high-profile relationship with Khloe Kardashian fell apart, and has ended in divorce.

This move to Spain is not totally unexpected - take a basketball player who has done nothing but play basketball since he was two months old, and then take away the game (and the check) that he has taken for granted, and he is going to beg to return (paging Andrew Bynum!).

Now here is the rub: Lam Lam hated not being in Los Angeles in his five-minute stay with the Mavericks. Hated it. Pouted. Sulked. Whined. Mailed it in. Now he is going to go to Spain, where my gut tells me he does not speak the language, and this is going to sail?

On Lam Lam's new roster, he will be greeted by fellow American players Walter Hodge (University of Florida) and Lamont Hamilton (St. John's). Maybe Hamilton and Lam Lam can bond; they are both from New York City. Andres Nocioni is also listed on the roster, and he played on the Bulls, Kings, and 76ers.

Lam Lam is actually a nice guy, and blessed with more basketball talent in his left pinkie than just about anybody else, but whether his mind can ever be right with ball again remains to be seen.

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