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How a chicken magnate made the Dallas Cowboys the Jerry Jones show

NA-BJ735_REM_TY_DV_20110106173237Jerry Jones is celebrating his 25 years of owning the Dallas Cowboys today and here is to another great 25 years of running America's Team. Don't laugh. He's only 71. The guy is going to out-live all of us. 
Take it to the bank - he's going to be running this team until he is 150.

Little known fact: When Jerry was kicking around buying the Dallas Cowboys in 1988, a deal he completed in February of 1989, he strongly considered not making this a solo purchase. He wanted a partner to make this buy complete.

Jerry had originally approached friend, and billionaire, Don Tyson - the founder of Tyson Chicken - about buying the Dallas Cowboys along with him. They were long-time Arkansas buddies.

Tyson, who died in 2011, told Jerry no. He told Jerry if he was going to buy the Dallas Cowboys to do it solo, and to run it himself.

With the blessing of his billionaire buddy, Jerry bought the Cowboys by himself.

So if you are looking to blame someone - blame Don Tyson.


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I agree that Jerry is going to be around for a while, but these last couple of years I've watched Stephen Jones play a greater role in running the team. Don't get me wrong, we still know who ultimately calls the shots, but I wonder if the transition of power to Stephen is going to be a slow one that will occur gradually over the next ten years or so.

Looking For A Reason

Financially this franchise is a success because of the seat bond requirement. It makes sure that bond holders buy season tickets or they loose a very substantial amount of up front cash that Jerry holds, invests and makes a huge profit off of every year.

On the field this team is a huge mess right now. Three straight years of 8-8 finishes puts this team out of the running for being called "America's Team" anymore.

The coming years prospect is not much better. The defense will be weaker this year without Ware and Hatcher if they are left to go elsewhere.

Jerry makes money, on the backs of bond holders and the citizens of Arlington.

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