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If you are Baylor, or most schools, rush the floor if you beat Kansas

460xWACO, Texas - The preference is to "act like you've been there before", and to behave like it's no big thing. To the kill joys who believe that students should not rush the court, or field, after their team wins a big game against a traditional power - get over such unrealistic, and unnecessary, expectations.

Who cares if it's trite? Bring down the goal posts after you beat Texas, even if the Horns are medicore. Rush the court when you beat Kansas ... unless you are Texas, and the majority of the student body is asked to sit four miles away from the floor.

On Tuesday night in Waco, the student body at Baylor may be confronted with this scenario should their beloved Bears (14-7, 2-6 in Big 12) defeat No. 8 Kansas in Waco.

The Bears are not at a juncture when they should not storm the floor after beating KU. That sort of student-body, cultural shift takes a lot of Ws before defeating a Kansas, Kentucky, Duke or other power is genuinely expected.

What the Bears have done under head coach Scott Drew is to become nationally relevant, and a threat. That's incredible. BU has defeated Kansas three times in the past eight meetings. That's not bad.

Last season, the Bears defeated Kansas 81-58 in Waco, and there was a party.

If Baylor does it again, party again on the Ferrell Center floor. This ain't like Kentucky beating Kansas. There may be more parity in college basketball, but the blue bloods in college basketball are still blue.

I asked Baylor senior guard Gary Franklin on Monday afternoon if he preferred the fans to rush the floor, or act like they expect such wins.

"I grew up watching the Pac 10, and a lot of those games were UCLA-based," said Franklin, who is from Los Angeles and began his college career at Cal. "For me personally, after beating a Kentucky, when they were ranked third, might have been a place where our fans would rush the court and high-five us. I feel like if we beat Kansas, I wouldn't want the fans to rush the floor, but it's always fun to be able to share that opportunity."

Translation - rush the floor.

When it comes to deciding whether to rush the floor or not to rush the floor - YOLO.

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