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On cue - SMU is relevant under Larry Brown

DALLAS, Texas - Larry Brown has been in basketball for what feels like no less than 300 years, but on Saturday he experienced a first. His fans rushed the court after his team defeated Cincinnati.

"I remember being at UCLA and Kansas, being on the other end. A lot of people were excited about the losses we had," Brown said. "When you storm the court at home, it makes me realize you have not had much success. I would hope in the future, we're excited because we beat a team we expected to beat."

IMG_3452SMU is ranked No. 23 in the latest AP poll, the first time since the 1984-'85 season. SMU's win against then No. 7 Cincinnati in Dallas on Saturday was SMU's third win over a ranked opponent in a seven-game span.

"When I went to UCLA, I was setting records like crazy," Brown said Monday afternoon. "First coach to lose the opening game. First coach to lose two in a row at Pauley Pavilion. First coach to lose a home game against 'SC. First coach not to finish in the top three in the Pac Eight. I was setting records like crazy. ... This is as flattering as anything I've been associated with."

He may not stay forever, but when he's here, he wins. In his second season in Dallas, SMU is 19-5, and 8-3 in the American Athletic Conference. 

SMU has not lost at home, and this morning sold out its final three remaining home games as students were in tents waiting to buy tickets. On Monday, there was actually a decent sized media pack to talk to Brown and several of the players.

"To see the excitement from the students and our fans that has been much better than I ever expected," Brown said.

Who cares if his humility is an act? This is what he's done pretty much everywhere he goes - win.

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poney up

he is old, great teacher, been around forever (probably recruited Jesus back in the day) and the university he is employed by knows how to pay for talent. it's a marriage made in heaven. it won't last but it's fun.


Larry Brown has forgotten more basketball than most coaches will ever know. He could still coach in the NBA and do much better than the likes of Jason Kidd, Mike D'Antoni, Mike Brown, etc...I hope he coaches until he's 90.

Len McLaughlin

Wow, a story about SMU in the Fort Worth paper...I think I see pigs flying.


The comment above about the university knowing how to pay for talent is appropriate if referring to Larry Brown's salary. Any reference to their past regarding the football players in the 80's is totally inappropriate. Even TCU did that way back there too along with others. Hats off to Larry Brown and his coaching success there--great for the Metroplex !!!

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