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One glaring error from the new film Draft Day favors the Cowboys

MV5BMjAyOTMxMjA3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTMwNjQ4MDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_Since it is the time of the NFL Combine, this is the perfect opportunity to "review" the trailer for the upcoming big-budget Hollywood flick starring Kevin Costner, "Draft Day". The NFL signed off on this, you can bet this will be an effective commercial for NFL football when the film hits theatres on April 11, about one month prior to the NFL draft.

This film will not be Oliver Stone's over-the-top "Any Given Sunday".

Costner plays the GM of the Cleveland Browns, Sonny Weaver Jr., and he is trying to acquire the No. 1 pick in the draft because he wants to make the Browns into a winner. Perhaps this will have a similar impact on the Browns the way the film Major League did for the Indians.

Director Ivan Reitman has frequented Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, California before and chatted with Jerry Jones.  So, yes, there is a Cowboys reference in here. And, yes, it is flattering.

Costner is in a heated exchange with Browns coach Vince Penn, played by Denis Leary:

Sonny Weaver Jr.: Your job is to coach the team I give you; they do it different in Dallas?
Vince Penn: Yeah, they do. They win. A lot.

Alas, in Hollywood, everything is possible.



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It looks good but I'm betting it's a total piece of Kevin Costner crap. Probably somewhere between Waterworld and Postman. Wait till it hits the discount rack at Goodwill before I watch it.


Flattering to the Cowboys, eh? Tell me this is a comedy, right?


I really enjoyed the movie. Yes, it does, at times, feel like an infomercial for the NFL and its partners but it did give a bit of an insider's look into the draft process.


Wonder how the producers got the Cows confused with the Colts, Pats, Broncos, Seahawks,Packers...the list could go on and on?


Do you know what else is a glaring error. Any chance that Costner's character could get one over on a Seahawks GM!! They should have had NFL Films make this one, not a "Czechoslovakian-born Canadian film producer and director, best known for his comedy work..." This one's right up there with 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'. Booooooo

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