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Put Johnny Weir in an NFL, MLB, NBA, & or NHL broadcast booth

Russian-ice-dancers-Ilinykh-and-Katsalapov-13Other than the watching Tanith Belbin talk about ... anything, and watching Russian ice dancer Elena Ilinykh (pictured) skate around, the highlight of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi has to be NBC broadcasters Johnny Weir and Tara Linpinski.

Why NBC has not made these two the prime time pair is a mystery. Weir is so out there not only with his opinions and outfits he has made for some of the most genius TV of an event that is all about the idiot box.

Seldom has a broadcaster been as comfortable in his own skin as Weir, which is his brilliance - he does not care, which makes him hilarious to watch. Watching Al Michaels interview Lipinski and Weir was great theater - Michaels visibly looked uncomfortable asking Weir about his latest outfit, some insane pink number that nearly broke a TV screen.

But figure skating is Weir's thing, his expertise. After Sochi, he needs to branch out to other sports. If a network really wants to shake up a dull Texans at Jaguars, or Bucks v. Raptors, Royals/Tigers or Sharks/Coyotes midseason telecast, but Weir in the booth.

Ku-xlargeHis outfits alone would be more interesting than some of the games he's calling. 

Networks are continually trying to enliven a regular season broadcast that only the hard core fans, the bored, or the degenerate gamblers watch; Weir analzying NHL/MLB/NBA/NFL action would make for must-see TV. Hell, a Lipinski/Weir duo calling an NBA game would be better than half the junk the league offers in February anyway.

Give him a crash course in Obvious Sports Analysis, and hand him a cheat sheet that reads: "A field goal does them no good here, Dan!" or, "They need to get the ball to LeBron," "You don't want to give up a walk here," and "That's a bad goal."

You can train a donkey to do that. What Weir does you can't train, and he would bring to a sports telecast outside of figure skating would be brilliant, train wreck tv.

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Johnny Weir and Tara Linpinski are aweseome. I tape the afternoon telecast on NBCSC. Johnny Weir is a master of tempo and tone. He is so knowledgeable and he and Tara are a terrific team. I just love watching them. He has something special and I dont know what name to put to it. I'm a professional married, middle-aged woman and I love Johnny (and he an Tara are perfect goether)

Dejah thoris

Lipinski and Weir's coverage and the figure skating has been the highlight of the Olympics for us. Our whole family has gotten into figure skating this time, especially Davis and White. But we love it all. I just wish Lipinksi and Weir were on Primetime. They are so fun and fashionable and we love their commentary!

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