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TCU desperately needs to find this

The news that TCU junior wide receiver LaDarius Brown was kicked off the team for possession of weed is another less than great piece of public information for a team that needs some quiet.

UnknownYou can bet all of your money this is not the first infraction for Brown, and that TCU and head coach Gary Patterson finally raised the white flag on Brown. TCU director of athletics Chris Del Conte passionately believes in granting second or third chances to younger people, and the decision to do this was not one made easily. They did not want to do this.

Brown, 6-foot-4, 220 pounds, was not a bum. He played in all 12 games for TCU in 2013, and was the team's second-leading receiver. 

TCU's move into the Big 12 was hard enough, it is clear now the difficulty of the transition has been compounded exponentially by the high number of young players Patterson had to lean on two years ago. No one on this team has matured into a leader, and he has no leadership group to make other players accountable.

Positive peer pressure from teammates is often a head coaches' greatest weapon. A team that police's itself is usually the best team.

GaryPatterson1From 2005 to 2011, Patterson normally had a group of juniors and seniors who "got it." Guys who knew how to win, from extra work in the weight room, film study, and specifically how to stay out of trouble. Not that those teams were comprised of saints and choir boys, but there was a definite power structure of leadership. The Rose Bowl team was stacked with upperclassmen. They were grownups even though they were kids.

Two years ago, TCU's first season in the Big 12, GP played more true freshmen than any other team in the country. He had nothing but underclassmen.

As this group has grown up, it has not grown up. There is no player who has "taken it" and shown them the way. Those types of personalities make sure what just happened with LaDarius Brown never happens.

It would help if he had a quarterback, or a linebacker, who knew what he was doing and could recruit a teammate or two into showing, and telling, their teammates how it's done.

A core group of leaders who make their teammates accountable is not going to solve everything, but it would give this team a direction and a sense of team and purpose it needs. What GP needs are a few grownups among his kids.

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Rob Tentoy

Silly LaDarius... you aren't a star quarterback... you can't do "bad" things and expect to get redemption.


Yeah--overindulging in legal alcohol is exactly the same as possessing an illegal drug. Tech, right?

Big 12 fan

Well, the kid wasnt a starting quarterback, so he's off the team. Patterson gives his meal ticket a second chance, but decides this kid is expendable.


Big 12 fan,

Brown was probably already on his second or third chance and was dumb enough to get caught with it driving around.
Choices have consequences!


What makes people think that this is a first offense for LDB? Just because it is the first thing that has gotten this type of publicity doesn't mean that he hasn't had other issues and gotten second chances before.

Rob Tentoy

The drunk driving was at least the second (he admitted to using drugs) and probably third or more chance for Pachall. It was just the one they couldn't get buried before the media got hold of it.
Fact is, TCU loves to toss out the "didn't maintain the standards expected of a TCU student athlete" when they dump some kid, but Pachall got a hug and a "awww... poor baby" and got to have his old job back.

Also: possessing weed is not an immediate risk to injury or death of innocent bystanders... drunk driving, however...


Patterson's "class" rant against Briles is ringing a little hollow these days...

Rob Tentoy

Oh come on Skeeter... college kid with a bag of weed vs a player with an assault charge getting ejected for trying to injure another player and then hanging around on the sideline to laugh about it?

TCU kicks weed kid off the team immediately. Baylor lets the violent guy keep playing and even names him Senior Captain.

Nope... I have A LOT of problems with my Alma Mater at the moment, but even with my disappointment of Patterson, he's still a step above Briles on the "classy" ladder

"The" OSU

It's been clear for at least a year, from the very public statements GP has made about receivers in general, and this receiver in particular needing to, "step up," that Brown hasn't heard the message... Lots of armchair coaches on here second-guessing GP's decision knowing nothing at all about the context in which it was made. Pretty sure I trust him more than I do you, with making the right choices for the football program.
Sometimes an action like this can serve as a wake-up call to a kid. Hope that happens for Brown's sake, and he gains some focus enough to make the most of his tremendous talents. Whether it's here, or elsewhere. And for those of you comparing this to Pachall, I don't see Brown volunteering to check into rehab, and I also haven't seen GP saying Brown is gone forever and can't come back. With his talent, there are still going to be options for him to play- if not at TCU, then somewhere else. But just like with Pachall, he is going to first have to demonstrate that football means more to him than getting high.

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