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The genius of the Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones held his annual state of the team from the Cowboys party bus on Sunday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, and .. who the hell knows what is going on?

According to Jerry, Jason Garrett was really the offensive coordinator last year. How fun.
Jerry told the Star-Telegram's Clarence E. Hill Jr., "That’s a fact. That was one of the issues. It was unfair to Bill. All of it was manifested by the fact that it was very difficult for Jason to get out of that role."

Nfl_a_jones_bl_300This is only after the Cowboys, at this point last year, made Bill Callahan the play caller and offensive coordinator.
And this is also after Coach Process made it perfectly clear Coach Callahan called the plays in 2013.
But if Jason was really the coordinator last year, what did Callahan do? And why the need to hire Scott Linehan as passing game coordinator/play caller this year?

The answer to that is Jerry said this season Garrett will work more with the defense. It should be noted Garrett has been a quarterbacks coach, an offensive coordinator, and head coach in his coaching career. As a player, he was a quarterback. 

Jerry also said the Cowboys see Garrett as the long-term coach of the Cowboys, even though Garrett is two games above .500 in his three plus seasons as head coach, has never made the playoffs, and is in the final year of his contract.

This "news" comes on the heel of Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones confirming what so many of those innocently existing in Cowboys Nation feared: "Jerry is in charge of the board The final board..Jerry is in charge of it," Stephen told the Star-Telegram.

So what are Cowboys director of scouting Tom Ciskowski, and his assistant Will McClay, doing?

Only with the Cowboys do all of these things make perfect sense.

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The last two Jerry drafts have been fiascos. In 2012 the Cowboys gave up too much to move up and get Mo Claiborne (that second round pick could have been Russell Wilson or Nick Foles), and in 2013 they didn't get enough in return to trade down and take Travis Frederick. On draft day the opposition routinely fleeces Jerry and leaves him by the side of the road dressed in a barrel held up by suspenders.


What makes no sense is why 90,000 folks keep showing up at the stadium to pay Jerry to watch the product of his ego gratification as the Cowboys self-appointed final football decision decider.

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