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The one question regarding the Texas Tech/Marcus Smart incident

Before he jumped on the weekly Big 12 men's basketball media coaches' conference call, the moderator said Oklahoma State head coach Travis Ford would not be taking any questions regarding "the incident." That all questions regarding OSU guard Marcus Smart's shove of the fan at Texas Tech fan on Feb. 8 were handled, addressed and answered on Sunday evening in Stillwater.

UnknownThe Easter Bunny is also very much real.

I asked Ford whose decision it was not to address this further, because there is one rather large question that remains unanswered. Ford said he had nothing to do with the decision not to address this. I asked him if the head coach of his team had nothing to do with commenting on this.

"They wanted me to focus on the game tomorrow night and I told them OK," he said.

All OSU is doing is leaving Smart, who was suspended three games for the altercation, hung out.

Did Texas Tech Jeff Orr throw any type of racial slur at Smart? The immediacy of the Internet, idiocy is on hyperdrive these days. In the immediate after math of this, the Goolge machine blew up with "stories" that Orr told Smart to "go back to Africa" or called him the N-word.

Orr admitted he called Smart "a piece of crap." That much is obvious. What is not is what Orr said before he called Smart a piece of crap.

The problem is Smart did not address what was said in his press conference on Sunday evening. Neither did Ford. Just lots of comments about "teaching moments", etc.

Nothing Orr said could have justified what Smart did, but it would have explained it a little bit better. 

Unknown-1I asked Tech coach Tubby Smith if he was told a racial slur, or slurs, were said.

"No. I wouldn’t know. Who would know? From what I understand no one else heard it," Smith said. "That’s not to say he didn’t hear something. We can all look back on something we thought we heard, it happens every day. Not necessarily the N word. Miscommunication takes place. I hope that wasn’t said. If it I was said, I'm disappointed in the person that said it."

Looking at the video, you can see Orr did indeed call Smart a piece of crap. But that's it? If that is all he said, why not just say that? Better yet, if a racial slur was said, why did zero of the surrounding fans not at least verbally berate Orr? 

You can understand Smart's frustration - he is an NBA lottery pick, and this was supposed to be the team that removed Kansas from the top of the Big 12. Before the season, this looked like a Final Four team. Instead, the Cowboys are 16-7, 4-6 in the Big 12 and were in the final seconds of losing at a mediocre Texas Tech team.

Smart popped. It was stupid - you can't put your hands on a fan - but if Smart, Ford or OSU aren't corroborating on what was said, it leaves a vital question unanswered. 

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Part of Orr's quote was a total denial of any racial slur. The audio from the camera man, behind the basket that the incident occurred, picked up no racial slurs and the fans sitting in the immediate area reported no racial slurs, according to Texas Tech's investigation.

What was actually said and what Smart actually thought he heard will probably never be known.

The saddest part for Tech fans is that a quality win is now going mostly unnoticed and some of the major sports outlets (ESPN) have ignored the reports from the Tech investigation and continue to report the racial slur as near fact.

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