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The painful lesson of Brittney Griner

1393458167000-InMySkin-hc-c-2-Brittney Griner is gone from Baylor, and a legacy as brilliant as any woman's basketball player now includes sharp criticism at a program that gave her the chance to be great, loved her, but not all of her.

Griner said in May of 2013 that Baylor, and coach Kim Mulkey, intimated not to be open about her sexuality at the Baptist school in Waco.

Now Griner has written a memoir, "In My Skin", which was co-authored by Sue Hovey. It is scheduled to be released on April 8.

Griner released the memoir early to USA Today, and this time she is now far more critical of Baylor.

She wrote: "I would love to be an ambassador for Baylor, to show my school pride, but it's hard to do that — it's hard to stand up and say, 'Baylor is the best!' — when the administration has a written policy against homosexuality. I've spent too much of my life being made to feel like there's something wrong with me. And no matter how much support I felt as a basketball player at Baylor, it still doesn't erase all the pain I felt there."

Her criticism is pointed at a head coach who publicly defended Griner in the face of abusive comments from fans about her appearance, or anything else. In January of '13, after a game between Baylor and TCU, Mulkey told me: ""I never take that child for granted."

Griner said she had told Mulkey when she was being recruited she was gay. Any college coach should have recruited Griner, but why would Baylor pay for a student's tuition, room and board for four years when they know their lifestyle violates their own practices?

Mulkey wanted to win, felt it was best for everyone involved at Baylor that Griner play for the Bears, and that her player to keep her secret a secret.

Brittney Griner's secret is no longer, and healing can begin. Hopefully the next Brittney Griner does not have to attend school keeping herself locked in a closet.

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It'd be difficult for you to be more ignorant on this topic. BG's sexuality at Baylor was only secret to the most close minded of baylorites. She was not the first gay athlete at Baylor...nor will she be the last.


Following your contention, Mac, then should all college coaches and gay players on their teams call press conferences to public ally announce their sexual orientation? Or are there
some coaches who feel that might be an unnecessary invasion of privacy . Should they also public ally declare that they and their players are heterosexual? Why is either one necessary?.
Would you like to wager that there are no gay coaches of some women's basketball team's? Why do they choose not to make a
Public issue of their sexual orientation? Could it be that it is simply no one else's business (as your and my hetero orientation isn't either).


No sympathy for her, she chosen to go to Baylor knowing it is a private University and baptist at that.

Rob Tentoy

If she didn't know how a bunch of Texas Baptists would react to her homosexuality, then she is dumber than a box of rocks.


BG comes off as an angry person with alot of misplaced bitterness. Besides being gay, her vendetta against Baylor has also revealed her true (lack of) character.

brian crawford

here we go again mac reporting on athletes being homosexual or liking multimal sex partners or little boys or any other perversion. big mac is johnny on the spot to help these people glorify their sin. athletes today and sports writers need to give everybody a break and keep it to yourself

Rob Tentoy

I wish people would keep their religious beliefs to themselves and stop glorifying their intolerance.

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