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Uncomfortable questions with the North Texas zombie cheerleader from Walking Dead

OebXN.St.117Very excited to finally track down Taylor Towery - the sophomore cheerleader at North Texas who doubles as a zombie on The Walking Dead.

The Star-Telegram ran this feature on her in late Nov., and Towery, 20, was nice enough to answer some uncomfortable questions about her role on the popular TV show, which is currently airing new episodes on Sunday's at 8 p.m. CT on AMC.

Her dad is the stunt coordinator for the TV show, and she has been a 'Walker' for a number of episodes, and has been killed many times.

Does everyone know you are a walker? Some people. I think it came out at the game that was on Halloween and I heard a couple of students say, 'Hey - zombie cheerleader! Zombie cheerleaders!' I was like, 'Oh my gosh - I didn't know anybody knew.'

Is acting something you want to do after school? It’s nothing that I’ve seen as a complete career but its something I’d like to do in my future.

B42e96_f7378b6e9898f7aca6767a6750423ab0.jpg_512Where do you all film? Usually we were about 30 to 45 minutes outside of Atlanta.

Do you keep anything they give you for the show? No. Most of the time the pieces you are taking off your face are not really keepable. Besides, the clothes I have on bloody and torn up and just pieces.

How long does it take in the makeup chair to become a zombie? It's different how close you are going to be to the camera. The more in depth you are to the camera, the more makeup. I can be there for about two hours.

How long does it take you to get ready to go out with your friends? Ummm ... If I'm going to go full out, it's under an hour. Most of my friends like to joke, 'Yeah, Taylor woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.'

Do people ask you about your role on the show? Some people do. It's certainly nothing that I hate. There were some people who were on the cheer team who didn't realize it. It's not something that I talked about, and they didn't realize it. I know that even growing up and with my dad in film business, and sometimes the attention it does bring that I know you have to speak humbly. I think it’s nothing, but for other people it's out of the norm. It's just how you think about it.

Taylor T (159)How do they kill you? Well, every time is different. Every way you are killed is different. When (Laurie Holden) stabbed me, I was in her face and she grabbed me and she had the butt of a knife. She has a handle but it's not something that is dangerous to me. You have to find the balance between something you would react to and realistic, and it being safe.

Do you know what is going to happen in the show? No, I don’t see the scripts or anything. If I’m working on an episode at the end of the season, and I see people who are or aren’t there working there is that. I don’t know what is going to happen – it’s a surprise for everybody.

Can you talk about your ‘role’ in the show this season? Well, I can tell you I get killed again. I get my head sliced off. That was fun.

Who is your favorite character? That is so hard. That is so hard. I’d have to say Rick (Grimes). Everybody is such a heart throb. Being a heart throb and one of the main guys … but to watch them all work, all of them, they all work so well together. I do enjoy watching them how they come together.

How many times have you been killed? I’ve been killed a total of five or six times. I’ve been stabbed a few times, shot, hit in the head with a shovel. I was in front of a fence and the zombies trampled over me, and I got shot in the head.
I got shot in the shoulder, but I kept coming back. I do like the decapitation. That is my favorite. 

They teach you how to walk like a zombie? They don’t want the zombies to look uniform. If they say, ‘Walk this way’, all the zombies walk the same. You don’t want that. I was nervous about that. I wasn’t sure but when you are on camera, and you are in makeup, and they say, ‘Action’, and you go. I got more comfortable with it. It’s not something they teach you.

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Zombieland Rule number 4, "Double-tap."

Rob Tentoy

Double Tap is Rule # 2.

Rule # 4 is "Wear Seatbelts"

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