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We media out-did ourselves over-reacting to Casey Pachall's comments

In a testament to the massive, international popularity of The Big Mac Blog, a post I put up on Feb. 20, 2014 took only about four hours to blow up. Wait - that's not right ... it took four days. (Note to self - get on my marketing department).

On that day, I interviewed former TCU quarterback Casey Pachall. One of the last questions I asked was, "What do you make of the state of the TCU football program?"

ImagesBoom goes the dymanite ... four days later. While I was confident his response would be well read, never did I think it would become such misconstrued fodder for my fellow media nerds who made his comments national. "QB Casey Pachall rips TCU program: 'There is zero leadership.'
On "Casey Pachall: TCU lacks leadership."
On "Former TCU quarterback Casey Pachall: "There is zero leadership.'
On Yahoo: "Former TCU quarterback Casey Pachall says the program has 'zero leadership.'
NBC Sports: "Former Horned Frog QB Casey Pachall rips TCU program."
FanSided: "Former TCU quarterback Casey Pachall blasts Horned Frogs."

Still waiting for the headline that credits Pachall for endorsing mass execution of baby pandas.

Pachall did say "there is zero leadership." He said everything that is quoted. No misquote. No out of context.

It is also worth mentioning he did not rip TCU. He did not blast TCU. He was not critical of TCU head coach Gary Patterson, or anybody at TCU other than the players who currently are on the team and have not taken leadership.

It is the same thing Patterson has been saying for more than a year. He has been repeatedly saying, "Somebody's got to step up", "Somebody's got to step up", "Somebody's got to step up." There is a reason why he keeps saying it - no one has "stepped up."

Pachall is as right as Patterson. 

What is wrong is to assume that Pachall was ripping, or blasting, TCU. Now bet all of your money a clarification that should not be necessary won't blow up in four minutes, four hours, or four years.

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Rob Tentoy

You really are a piece of work, Engel. Just like your buddy Pachall.

Randy Frame

Wow, Mac, that's sad. It IS taken out of context though. The headlines insinuate that he was talking about TCU officials, such as the coach. He wasn't. He was talking about amongst the players. Being in journalism, if I were you, I'd take all news with a grain of salt after this. If you already didn't.

Steven bryan

What was it the great Blackie Sherrod used to say
about his media brethren?..."Sometimes we go rabbit
hunting with a bazooka..."


Maybe that was the reaction you wanted? To sensationalize the relatively innocent comment so you would get attention?

So stop acting shocked!

Or maybe you need to learn to write better so people get the point instead of misinterpreting the story line.

Probably both.

Jim Grant

What is it? The kettle calling the pot black.

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