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Zoo + snow = lifelong dream

IMG_3395FORT WORTH, Texas - If you have ever wanted to go to the zoo when it snows, wonder no more - don't bother. 

Thanks to the good people at the Fort Worth Zoo, they allowed me to fulfill a life long fantasy of walking around a zoo to visit my favorite animals when it snows.

The Fort Worth Zoo claims to be open 365 days a year, but the weather sometimes has a say ... like Thursday, for example. The zoo was actually closed because the pedestrian paths were too slick for patrons because of the rare snow.

Most of the animals were not IMG_3402actually doing their thing - walking around in their designated outdoor areas, secretly mocking those who stare back at them.

Most of the big-time animals that move the needle - elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, tyrannosaurus rex - were all in their respective indoor quarters where they could have been watching "House of Cards", participating in zoo animal fight club, or catching up on Real Housewives of Des Moines.

In an ultimate act of cruelty - the penguins have to stay inside. And make license plates.

Turns out, many of the animals housed at the Fort Worth Zoo really aren't down with snow, or
IMG_3387temperatures below 50 degrees ... no different than most Texans.

The zoo has a sliding scale chart that says Animal X can be out when the temperature is Y. Think of it as a 2-point conversion chart, the primary difference being the consequence can be death for your favorite furry animal.

Thus, this reality dashed my dream of photographing monkees having a snowball fight, a rhino building a snowman, or the giraffe making a snow angel.

However, a zoo covered in snow and the few animals that are sturdy enough for cold weather - mostly birds - do provide some wonderfully serene and pretty IMG_3398images that you normally can't see on an average visit to your local zoo.

The photo of the Black Necked swan features two of the brand new additions to the Fort Worth Zoo - babies. Two of the four are visible in this photo; the other two are under their mother's feathers. The Black Necked swan nannies were delayed because of the snow.

And the final picture should appeal to Fox News - the Bald Eagle was tough enough to endure the weather.









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