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Arizona Brisket vs. Texas Brisket

UnknownGLENDALE, Arizona - Northwest Phoenix may not be loaded with the greatest culinary choices - think Chillis on steroids - but plopped into the middle of the suburban desert is Thee Pitts Again. A BBQ place featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives this place does feature a solid BBQ selection, and wonderful diner ambience.

But is the BBQ in Arizona rival the BBQ in Texas?

The waitress told me that every single patron from Texas has commended the restuarant, but all said the brisket in Arizona is not as good. They are right. A bit too blockish, and a tad dry.

The deep fried mushrooms served here as well as the beer battered french fries are worth the trip. Seriously. Drop everything you are doing, leave your kids with the in laws, and drive here for the fries. These are the best fries and deep fried mushrooms ever created.

The pulled pork sandwich is about as good as you could find. It's moist, falls apart easily, and tastes like the good stuff you would find in North Carolina, or anywhere else in the deep south.

If your travels take you to Phoenix, this 20-minute drive to Thee Pitts Again is well worth the time.


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bill frain

There is NO bbq in phx. What passes for Q would be considered amateurish here in TX...I lived 25 yrs in phx.

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