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Baylor's non-conference football schedules are officially insensitive

Ncf_g_brilesa_400x600Today, Baylor football created a new low by adding Incarnate Word to its football schedule in 2019.
This actually happened.

Like you, I did not know Incarnate Word has a football team. Baylor is the first FBS opponent Incarnate Word has ever scheduled. The Fightin' WordSmiths had been Division II but went to FCS last season, and are set to play in the Southland Conference in 2014.

As good as Baylor has become - it went to the Fiesta Bowl last season and won the Big 12 - this is a slap in the face not of any college football pollster but its season-ticket holders who pay real money to watch the Bears play real football games in a soon-to-be very-real-football stadium. As much as I like Art Briles, his non-conference scheduling shtick is getting very old, and now embarrassing.

SMU, Northwestern State, at Buffalo

at SMU, Lamar, Rice

Northwestern State, SMU, at Rice

UTSA, Duke

at UTSA, at Duke

Incarnate Word, UTSA, at Rice


Good God - Liberty? Baylor had to pay Liberty to make sure it could beat up on little Turner Gill again? 

The counter point to this crap non-conference schedule is by season's end the fans don't care who you beat but that their favorite team has eight or nine wins and a comfy, cool postseason spot. 
These schedules ensure by the time conference play begins, Baylor will have paid millions to give its football team every reasonable shot at a winning record.

It will also have successfuly bored the hell out of its fan base by playing host to a slew of crap non-conference games that will have fans fleeing to their cars, or boats, by halftime to drink and watch real games. But it would be nice if Baylor threw its fans a bone every so often by playing somebody in September.

Alas, if there is another reason to hit Vitek's and down a Gut Pack, perhaps it's not all bad.

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Poor Mac. Every year Baylor makes him suffer so much.

Rob Tentoy

Baylor makes everybody suffer. Baylor is just an insufferable nuisance.


I think Mac actually has a point this time. Seriously, any Baylor fans pleased with this assortment of non conference foes?

Ray King

Hey, it won't happen until 2019, save the big emotions for big deals-Ray


I had to Google to make sure "Fighting Wordsmiths" was a joke... :>)


In 2014, A&M's non-conf schedule includes Lamar, Rice, SMU, and Louisiana-Monroe.

It's unfortunate (and yes, boring for the season ticket holders), but until the system forces broad change, schools won't want to risk losses and player health.

TCU only played LSU last year because they scheduled that game prior to joining the Big XII and previously needed games like that to help their BCS resume.


TCU has Arkansas and Ohio State on its future schedules, dude.


Alabama played Georgia State in 2010. The first year that Georgia St had a football program. Baylor had scheduled SMU but (yet again) SMU backed out of their commitment and Baylor filled the slot with Incarnate Word. Some of this blame rests with SMU and their inability to follow through.

Rob Tentoy

Bringing up the SEC doesn't help. Their patsy scheduling is well known, particularly finding one to play them late in the season when their starters could use a little break

Rob Tentoy

And the SMU jab? That was pretty well covered last year... SMU had schedule conflicts from moving to a new (crappy) conference and of their non-wussy OOC schedule (TCU, TTU, A&M, Baylor) Baylor was the weak link (Iron Skillet, Cowboys Stadium, big crowd/TV audience, Baylor).

Meanwhile, even if SMU DID back out of the (5 1/2 years away) 2019 game, Baylor had plenty of time to schedule a legitimate team (the Aledo Bearcats would be a better choice than Incarnate Word).

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