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Big Mac Blog coif off vs. actor Tom Welling

IMG_3869DALLAS, Texas - With little or no other marketable skills beyond an amazing amount of God-given brawn, the only thing I have to offer is an award-winning head of hair; it is said to be a coif so magical it makes the Angels cry.

What I have learned is there is good hair, and Hollywood hair. My 'do was confronted with its own immortality when I interviewed actor Tom Welling. He has a supporting role in the new movie, Draft Day, which opens April 11. Welling is likely best known for his role in the hit TV show, Smallville.

This dude is scary good looking, but in a pinch I could probably take him. He is 6-foot-2, and a former Abercrombie and Fitch model.

"I actually hated modeling," he said. "It was so boring."

Can totally relate. I gave up my career modeling power tools for Woolworths because it was just so dull.

In the film, he has a buzz cut. By the time he was making the rounds for interviews, the hair looked good enough to do some more of those A&F spreads that he did with Ashton Kutcher.

"You actually have better hair than I do," he said.

Needless to say, I blushed. But, he's right. The judges gave it to me based on presentation.


Tom was a very nice, affable guy. Funny. Great looking. Look for the interview - it has a great goof on my part - later.






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Rob Tentoy

Every time I think you've outdone yourself for "most useless blog post", you go and show me I'm wrong


I respect any man with the courage to wear a horizontal striped shirt with long sleeves. Have you ever considered tying a cardigan sweater around your neck and carrying a tennis racquet with you?

new moon

You are handsome; more handsome than the jerk you interviewed. When are you going to be in a movie? Maybe The Twilight series will do a reboot? You would be a hot werewolf.


you know what would go great with that shirt of yours; a pencil thin moustache, beret, and you sitting in some French side-walk café.

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