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Big Mac Blog finds an overrated burger

IMG_6113PEORIA, Arizona - The words "devastating disappointment" pop to mind when discussing what is often called the best burger in the Valley. If The Original Lenny's Burger, which features four locations in the greater Phoenix tri-state regional-area thingy, offers the best cheeseburger in that area - move. Immediately. 

Entering with great expectations generated from its own unbiased website, I left crushed in spirit, and hungry. A Big Mac Blog first - I did not finish the burger. Or the fries.

I am man enough to admit when someone else is wrong; maybe I just got a bad burger. The cheese wasn't melted. The burger wasn't all that. There was way too much lettuce, and the bread was just ish. The fries? Again, nothing to write home, or blog, about.

The ambience is a slick, 1950s diner with retro decor plastered all over the walls. The restaurant logo is of a cute baby holding a cheeseburger with a milkshake, so ... that must be worth something, right?

Maybe it was just a one time thing, and the critics who called this place a can't-miss had the burger Lenny intended for me.

The milkshakes here are reportedly quite good, but the experience of the overrated burger left me too disappointed to attempt to intake even more necessary calories.

Should your travels take you to the Valley of the Sun, and you want to find a burger outside of this region's massive list of national chain restaurants, try The Original Lenny's, but do so at your own peril.

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**It should be noted that this review is coming from a critic who slaps a ground beef patty between two slices of pizza. They apparently didn't offer the "Big Mac Guac Beer Cheeseburger" either. Hint for future reference: if there is too much lettuce, use the paper football method to remove it. Jettison said lettuce off your burger utilizing your thumb and middle finger in the extra point kicking technique.

Jack Slater

Been there. It isn't as bad as you make it. It's a burger joint. How bad can it be.

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