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Big Mac Blog NCAA bracket: Time to take Mr. Warren Buffett's cash

Here it is - the ticket to Botox, love-handle reduction surgery, hair removal, and True Religion jeans for life. Before you is the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Answer Key, and The Big Mac Blog assault on Warren Buffet's wallet. Click on the bracket to get a more detailed of The Mac Genius.

Take it to Vegas. Get rich.*













* Entire bracket is subject to "readjusting" without warning.

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Warren Buffet (or Jimmy Buffett for that matter), have nothing to fear.

Rob Tentoy

Probably wouldn't even be worth a free meal at the Golden Corral Buffet

Rob Tentoy

Hey nice job, "Genius." Out of 16 teams left, you've got 7 active picks still in it.

I don't even follow college basketball very closely (long time passive Louisville fan is about the extent of my interest) but even I got 12 of the Sweet 16 correct.

With your "expertise" in disgusting food prep, have you considered a career in fast food?

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