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Big Mac List: Ranking Schwarzenegger's best action flicks

Sabotage-posterHe is 66, a joke, but most of us don't care. Give us more Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

On Friday, Arnold is back wth "Sabotage" click here for the website - an action movie about some crap where he shoots up stuff. Since when does the plot matter? According to IMDB, the former Gov' of Calif' is slated for five more movies.


This is the perfect chance to do something the Internet lacks - ranking Arnold's best action movies. 

12. End of Days (1999)
Fell asleep.

11. Collateral Damage (2002)
Arnold's family is killed in a terrorist act, and Arnold the firefighter gets his revenge.

10. Red Heat (1988)
Arnold is a Soviet cop sent to Chicago to bring back a ruthless drug dealer. He pairs up with an unfunny Jim Belushi to run around Chicago shooting people. A few, cool shootouts done by director Walter Hill, and Arnold was in his steroidial prime.


9. The Expendables 2 (2012)

In Sly Stallone's ode to aging action figures, Arnold is pretty good in this surprisingly entertaining stupid movie.

8. Commando (1985)
This was Arnold's turn in a Rambo role where he is the good guy. His daughter (Alyssa Milano) is kidnapped, and he takes them all on. Watch closely the climax where Arnold is holding a giant gun that never, ever runs out of bullets.


7. The Running Man (1987)
Richard Dawson steals a movie that was actually way ahead of its time. Arnold is Ben Richards, who is thrown on a reality TV game show to avoid death and prove to the world he was innocent all along.

6. Raw Deal (1986)

Loved this tale of Arnold taking on the Chicago mob. An ousted FBI agent turned small-town sheriff, Arnold goes it alone to take on the mobsters who killed the son of a close friend. 
In the finale, Arnold takes on no less than 70 armed mobsters, and nails 'em all.


5. Predator (1987)
Arnold is Dutch, a special forces leader assigned to the worst places on earth, whose team only works alone. Along with Apollo Creed, Arnold's team is sent to a remote jungle to find this alien thing that kills for sport. 
The Carl Weathers' death scene is immortal, and this film also gave us winners such as, "We're all gonna' die", and "Get to the choppa!"
This cast featured two future state governors, and arguably the best trailer of Arnold's career:


4. Eraser (1996)
Arnold is a US marshall who ... does something. Shoots people. James Caan is good as the bad guy, and Arnold and Vanessa Williams do their best to save the best for last.

3. True Lies (1990)

Arnold in a James Bond-like role as a secret agent who is so secret his wife and kids are unaware of his real job. Jamie Lee Curtis steals the film that features some fun action scenes and stunts.

2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)
By this point in his career, Arnold was obviously PR savvy enough to know to shy away from bad guy roles, such as the original Terminator. Here he played the "good Terminator" who tried to protect John Connor from "the bad Terminator." Great action scenes, slick and suspenseful.

1. Terminator (1984)
A great sci-fi action thriller. The best. Period. 



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Hey Mac, where's your blog entry congratulating Baylor for making the Sweet 16? Or are you only interested in writing negative pieces about Baylor?

Dub Kennedy

You should watch a YouTube video called, Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Count.

The video shows all of Schwarzenegger's on screen killings which I think number over 400.

It also shows what a dreadful actor Arnie is in case you have forgotten.

Rob Tentoy

"An outsed FBI agent"


Mac Engel

Andrew -

Here you go:

I wrote another a while back that said Baylor had the best athletic department in the country.

Funny ... you didn't seem to notice those.



What killed the dinosaurs?...The ice age!" Batman & Robin, 1997

What? No Mr. Freeze?

Maria S.

I love this crap. You are nuts regarding your rankings of Arnold's films. Raw Deal is probably his best picture. And where in the hell are the Conan movies?!?!?! Love Arnold in anything. There is a rumor he is going to do another Conan movie. I hope he takes a ton of juice, runs around with his shirt off, and kills another 400 extras.

There is no way I miss his latest movie.

If you are an Arnold fan, you better get out and see his new stuff soon. His career ran out of gas a long time ago. It's a safe bet Hollywood is about to pull the plug on his otherwise despondent career.


How in the hell do you leave out the 'Villian'?!? What kind of idiot are you???? And you call yourself a Journalist! HA! What a joke!

Rob Tentoy

Thanks Jake.... now I want to go watch "The Villain".... haven't seen that masterpiece in years!

Arnie's #1 Fan

How can you not love Arnold's stuff. I loved them all. Putting together his "Best Of" list is about impossible but I commend you for trying. 'Last Action Hero' was an excellent piece of crap; loved it. And how can you omit 'Total Recall'. Now that was a great movie. 'Commando' is my wife's favorite. That movie had great heart. But who can forget his comedies; 'Twins", "Jingle All The Way", 'Junior' or 'Kindagarten Cop'.

Arnie needs a hit soon or Hollywood will phase him out. I like the idea of Arnold doing 'Conan' or remaking some other hit.

I'm going to go see his latest movie but I'm not expecting much. Let's hope he gets a real movie soon or Arnold will not be back.

pump you up

This blog is crap. How does Hercules in New York not make this list. It only changed film. I'm never reading this blog again. You are awful.

end of days

I commend your journalistic integrity. This is an impossible task. Nice try.


I believe they're going to make Conan The King. I hope it'd be a serious effort with the writing quality of say Game of Thrones because a shticky (predictable plot with goofy humor tossed in for no real effect) script is what i fear we'll get. Hope i'm wrong! Arnie needs to do a serious, quality role - i think he's capable.

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