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Charlie Strong embraces The Mack Brown method & it will start in Fort Worth

010913-5-CFB-Texas-Charlie-Strong-OB-PIWhen he was hired by Texas, a primary area of concern for Charlie Strong was whether he could do anything outside of coaching ball. That the minute Charlie Strong was asked to sell the University of Texas-Austin football program, he would fail. That he would fail at connecting with fans, boosters and deliberately remove himself from any responsibility outside of his players, and coaching.

Since he has only been on the job for a few months, #TexasStrong the sales rep may be a flop but say this for the man - he's trying.

Charlie Strong only has to replace the best sales rep in the history of that fine institution - Mack Brown - but Strong is coming to a neighborhood near you ... complete with the University of Texas prerequisite corporate sponsor.

Starting at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth on April 21, Charlie Strong is going to commence a University of Texas football barnstorming tour around the great a state Texas to remind you that Texas is King, and that both he and UT are superior to Texas A&M.

It is the official 2014 Comin' on Strong tour bus, sponsored by DISH. Fans can meet and Coach Strong, UT director of athletics Steve Patterson as well as former letterwinners and famous alums. Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for kids, and includes food, giveaways, etc.

Click here for more information on the Comin' on Strong Tour for dates, times, prices, etc.

This tour will have zero to do with an eventual winning record, but it does show Charlie Strong is trying to do something he was thought to want no part of. He may never have Mack's ability to work a room, or kiss fat-cat wallets, but Strong is trying to recruit fans and be a salesman for UT football.


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"the great a(sic) state Texas"

"trying to do something he(sic) was thought he wanted no part of"

In the first paragraph, you have subordinate clauses as stand-alone sentences.

Punctuation throughout is atrocious.

You're a terrible writer in desperate need of an editor. The fact that the Fort Worth Star Telegram allows you to write under their banner just shows how far print journalism has fallen and how irrelevant it's become.


Mac Engel

"The great state a Texas" is a direct steal from Rick Perry.

Rob Tentoy

Editors are usually some of the first to get laid off. I think the world of "journalism" figures that when you get right down to it, some monkey banging out words for other people to [attempt to] read is all that matters.

Welcome to a Blogging World

Rob Tentoy

Geez Mac... your aren't helping your case by trying to explain a mistake by INCORRECTLY REFERENCING THE MISTAKE!

Original (and still) phrase that Hooky refers to: "the great a state Texas"

Your response: "The great state a Texas"

Way to take the FAIL up a notch.

Mike Morales

Good luck Charlie Strong. Going to find that the Longhorn faithfull an ungrateful bunch.


Strong was at least the 5th choice of the UT power brokers to coach the horn.

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