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Good riddance - Daniel-Meyer Coliseum

Uspw_7059556Daniel-Meyer Coliseum won't be torn down, but less than zero people would be sad to see the home arena of the TCU basketball teams turned into a giant fire pit. Few places in college basketball cultivated a losing atmosphere any better than this place, which after today will soon be no more.

Built in 1961, the arena is set for a massive facelift that will move the basketball teams out of the arena for one season. 

It was appropriate that in the last game to be played at the "old" DMC, the Horned Frogs lost - 97-67 against No. 23 Oklahoma on Saturday afternoon.

In Year No. 2 of the Trent Johnson era, the Frogs are 9-21, and 0-18 in the Big 12. He needs one or two special players to make a difference. His highly ranked recruits - Kaviar Shepherd and Brandon Parrish - both look a bit thin, and overmatched, as freshmen. The weight room should change some of that.

Considering that TJ's team will play at a glorified high school gym next season as renovations continue at DMC, he is going to need a fourth season to be properly evaluated. This isn't a lost cause, but he does need players.

UnknownWhen his team returns to the renovated home arena, hopefully he will have some talent, and some experience, that will make the first season more memorable than the previous years at this place. It is too bad; when that place was full, it was scary loud and intimidating. 

In the 53 seasons played at DMC, the Frogs' posted a winning record 35 times. They were 553-268 at home.

(The women's basketball team? Uhhhh ... yeeeeeah ... until Mike Petersen took over in 1996 and then was replaced Jeff Mittie a few years later, just go with not great.)

Not until AD Chris Del Conte put the time, effort, and now money, into this program could this team be expected to have a shot to compete in any Division I conference. When the DMC renovations are complete, and the school has a building it can sell, then both the team and the head coach be given a proper evaluation.

Once the contractors move out the team can start building the home atmosphere it has lacked, and needs to win.

Here is one of the great memories from DMC ... circa 1986 versus Texas.


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The basketball team is an embarrassment to the school. Why we hired this guy I'll never know. From 66 - 70 I attended every home game and it was great - we were very competitive and won the last SWC. Some really good teams and players. I bet the 9 teams that lost to TCU this year are ashamed. We need to hire a "name" coach, like (must I say) SMU. That worked for them! The Big 12 has to be sorry they let "all" of our programs into the conference.

g. trevino

lewis your an idiot!

Sam Bass

cool video....lots of fans back then


TCU has been a great addition to the Big 12...especially for Big 12 teams looking for a win.


Those SWC games on Raycom on Saturday were awesome!

Big 12 fan

I for once agree with Mac. The point is you need the facilities to be able to help with recruiting or lure a big time coach to Fort Worth. DMC is a dump compared to the other arenas in the Big 12, and putting window dressing on the place still isn't going to help, IMHO. When Tech and A&M joined the Big 12, they were playing in dumpy arenas also and knew they had to step up or they would never be competitive in basketball. Once they built new arenas they were able to at least have a shot at landing big name recruits and coaches.

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