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Ian Kinsler opens a can on Jon Daniels & the Rangers

2013-14-tsr-hot-stove-8-ian-kinslerCan't say this comes as a complete surprise, but Ian Kinsler is no fan of Jon Daniels. Kinsler calls him a sleaze.

The second baseman, who was traded by the Texas Rangers to the Detroit Tigers this offseason, said in a recently published article by ESPN The Magazine that he hopes the Rangers go "0-162." In case you are wondering, that would be a record. No team has ever gone an entire season without winning a baseball game. And no team has ever finished 162-0. Either would be really, really cool.

That the intensely competitive Kinsler wants a team that is not his to lose is not the surprise. What he said about the general manager of the Texas Rangers is: 

He told ESPN The Magazine: "Daniels is a sleazeball. He got in good with the owners and straight pushed (Nolan) Ryan out. He thought all the things he should get credit for, Ryan got credit for. It's just ego. Once we went to the World Series, everybody's ego got huge, except for Nolan's."

This is the worst kind of confirmation the Rangers needed for this new, Nolan-less executive group running the team. A player who was in the clubhouse since 2006 confirmed a story that no one outside of the media could "verify."

It's one thing if myself, Randy Galloway or others speculate on the subject; it's quite another when Ian Kinsler confirms it.

Now you can bet that Kinsler will become this year's Josh Hamilton - the source of scorn, mockery and ridicule from Rangers fans. But it doesn't mean what Kinsler said isn't true.

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Rob Tentoy

Ouch. Can't say I'm surprised. Always liked Ian. Hard to know if a disgruntled former player is telling the truth, but he just said the same thing I've always believed.

Daniels is a punk. The last cancer from the Hart-Hicks era... he needs to be removed.


The Nolan-Daniels thing is getting extremely tired already. The Rangers will or won't make the playoffs and fans from one side or the other will say, "told you so" at the end of the season. For now every wild pitch, every error in the field, every runner left stranded will be attributed to "The Curse of Nolan".


Doesn't bother me about the Daniels comments. They're most likely true or completely true. Wishing 0-162 on his former teammates and manager shows him to be childish and petty.


Confirmation? From a guy who, in the same story, whined because the Rangers wanted him to be a leader? Kinsler was too big to move to 1B for the team and then said couldn't handle the responsibility of a leader ... and he's made about being traded? I wish the Rangers would trade every player with his attitude. His 'confirmation' validates nothing. Aside from Young, maybe there is a reason (attitude) these guys are the ones getting traded or not resigned ... Good riddance Kinsler ...


I love it how Dengelberry associates himself with Galloway.


Obviously the 0-162 was sarcasm and locker room bravado... to me anyway. And not everyone can become a leader. If Kins had tried, the word would be what a total jerk trying to lead the younger players and failing. Some people can and do, and some cannot. I do not think knowing you are not a leader/mentor is a negative. Good luck Kins, and next time, forgo that article your agent wants you do sit down for..


We are not hearing but faint minimal support for Jon Daniels. The reason he traded A-Rod is that the two super egos of equal reputation couldn't be in the same organization.

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