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Jon Daniels talks me off the ledge about the Scott Boras Rangers

UnknownSURPRISE, Arizona - Hurt by Big Deals Gone Bad - A-Rod, Chan Ho Park, Ian Kinsler, etc. - Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels willingly talked me off the ledge: Four of the Rangers' top four players in the lineup are clients of super agent Scott Boras.

Prince Fielder, 7 years, $168 million
Shin Soo Choo, 7 years, $130 million
Adrian Beltre, 6 years, $96 million (signed 1/11)
Elvis Andrus, 8 years, $120 million (signed 4/13)

Whatever you think about Boras, the man gets his clients - and in turn, himself - paid. That's the priority, and what he does. If the team wins? Gravy. The contract is guaranteed, which is what ultimately matters to the agent.

"It's a lot of risk," Daniels said of the long-term deals. "It is a lot of risk.
"We got a lot of the same questions when we signed Adrian. That was five years (team option sixth). It was the same thing when we signed Yu Darvish, and that $50 million post."

Why are the Rangers OK with this risk?

Images"The Prince acquisition, the net deal - we traded Ian's contract, so take that off the top. So $168 is down to $106, and (the Tigers) are going to pay $30 of his salary. As a net incrased committment, it's $76 million - that's one way to look at it. Listen, I think this guy is going to age well, and produce. Players always want more, and teams want to pay less. That's the nature of the beast. 

"I acknowledge in long term deals there is risk. What I am most confident in, the way I justified it to ownership, is that our system is going to produce players. Our system has to produce. Our system - the guys on the backfields - we have to produce impact starters and impact regulars. They are going to be needed to balance the payroll in time. I feel very good about what we have. They are just not major league ready. We have two middle infielders and probably five starters that are going to start at Double A that are relatively close. But our corner bats are at A ball."


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Wanting To Believe

I wonder and wonder why the A's and Seattle win with spending less and have less fruit basket turn over every year.

The Texas Rangers are the "starting pitcher rehab facility" of Major League Baseball. Every year Daniels brings on other teams cast offs or third tier pitching talent in hopes of pulling some rabbits out of the medical rehab hat.

In the last few years we hear over and over again about the Ranger's ALL World minor league system but still we pay big money while shopping Japan, Korea and the Caribbean for baseball talent.

All the A's do every year or several years is bring up new starters from their minor leagues that come from US College and High School teams.

This years pitching crew is more Blue Cross/Blue Shield than World Series material. And still the Ranger brain trust and Billionaire owners plan to out hit the rest of the American League, when everyone, with baseball knowledge, knows that pitching and defense win World Series.

The Texas Rangers are home for Scott Boros's secret shopping sprees for huge contracts for risky aging talent.

The A's bring up talent from a no-name minor league system every year to replace good players that they let move on after 5-6 good years.

Sometimes I think the Rangers are run by a health insurance company and two doctors clinics.

Rob Tentoy

All you really need to know about Jonny Wonderboy:

He was hired and groomed by John Hart.


I agree, the A's have a good formula, but as I recall it has yet to produce a title. So, in my estimation, they get a bit more praise than they deserve. Just when they get a good team together, they have to flush the roster. All this is great if it produces at least one title every decade. Instead their pattern is to compete for 3 or 4 years and then spend about 5 or 6 retooling. Still, it's fun to compete and have young talent, and maybe this year they pull off the title part of this equation. However, until they do, let's tap the brakes on calling the A's the authority of putting together winning baseball teams.


Scott Boras = Baseball Antichrist

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