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TCU still trying to find a basketball home

ImagesCrews have already begun the process of breaking up Daniel-Meyer Coliseum as part of the massive renovation project to the aging arena and home of the TCU men's and women's basketball teams.

This does not mean, however, that TCU has found a temporary home for said teams when play begins next season. The Frogs' basketball teams will have to play the 2014-'15 season outside of DMC in an off-site location.

TCU director of athletics Chris Del Conte said Thursday afternoon that he is still trying to find the best place for both teams to play at home.

"I really want to find a worthy place for (seniors) like Kyan Anderson and Amric Fields to play their final year," Del Conte said. "So if you know of any place - let me know."

Forth_worth_convention_centerHe said his first choice is the Convention Center in downtown Fort Worth, but there is the matter of schedule. It is a busy building. Del Conte said the people who run the Convention Center are receptive and open, but as far as anything beyond the game it's a no. No practices, just play the game and go.

Another alternative continues to be the Wilkerson-Greines Athletic Center, located in south Fort Worth. The facility is about 10 miles from TCU's campus. It normally plays host to high school games for Fort Worth Independent School District. 

"I really want it to be in Fort Worth," he said.

Del Conte said he believes the facility itself is fine. There is a reason why he is trying to find another - it's a high school gym.

When SMU was renovating Moody Coliseum, it played its games in Garland Special Events Center. That is about 15 miles from SMU's campus. 

"The difference is that project only took about six months and they only had to go there a few times," Del Conte said. "This is going to take 19 months. If I can, I'd just like to find the right spot."

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Rob Tentoy

Does it really matter? I mean, if they just forfeit every Big12 game next year, they'll have the same number of wins.

Meanwhile, they can just play the Tech Institute of Pan America at Hico down at the YMCA.

g. trevino

Ha! I love that Rob. This time next year you'll be eating crow.

Rob Tentoy

You do realize I'm TCU alumni, right? TCU basketball sucked in the MWC and they suck now. Next season, maybe they won't suck so bad, but there's no way in the Engel Household that they actually challenge for a Big12 title or even an NCAA bid.


Hey Rob - Are you and James the same person? You both share the same hatred of TCU. I was just wondering.

Rob Tentoy

I don't hate TCU. I'm just extremely disappointed in some of their recent decisions. I got fed up with giving them money (which the kept begging me for) and then getting very little in return... like getting screwed out of my seats when they new football stadium opened.
I used to be a guy that showed up before the game started and stayed until the Alma Mater was finished. Not just football. I had season tickets in several sports.
And the whole Pachall thing really pissed me off.
No, I'm not James. James is some guy who hates TCU because he deems TCU unworthy of respect. I'm just really ticked off at the school where I spent a lot of my time as a kid and then received a degree.

PS TCU Basketball is a disaster. That really can't be argued.

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