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The face of the Dallas Cowboys defense

ImagesIt is with great humor to see the Dallas Cowboys cut DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin as yet another indictment on the belief that Bill Parcells was not much of a talent evaluator.

One way you can tell a player was "worth it" is whether the team gives him a second contract after his initial rookie deal.

Since 2007, Cowboys' draft picks Anthony Spencer, Doug Free, Orlando Scandrick, Sean Lee are the only players to sign a second deal; Dez Bryant is a matter of when not if.

Ware's departure to the Denver Broncos AFC Pro Bowl team means the face of the Dallas Cowboys' defense is ... uhh ... uhhh ... cough-cough ... you're breaking up ... going into a tunnel ... the face of the Dallas Cowboys defense is ... HIM!

Sean Lee, ILB - When he plays, one of the best at his position. In four NFL seasons, he's never played 16 games.
Barry Church, S - Nice player who in 16 games last season did make a difference.
Brandon Carr, CB - Total pro who plays, but this is not Revis Island.
Morris Claiborne, CB - Talented but after two NFL seasons he's closer to a bust than Pro Bowl.
Bruce Carter, LB - Took a major step backwards last season.
Orlando Scandrick, CB - Nice veteran player who isn't afraid. Just not a lot of giant plays.


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dream on

Our defense is beyond suspect. I don't see an answer for us. The best I can hope for is to cut just about everybody we have/had and start new with very young, raw guys. Go get athletes and teach them defense. We are going to need a gimmick or a scheme or something to play defense next year. We were totally terrible last season. I don't see us getting any better any time soon.


The face of the defense isn't on the roster yet. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix? Aaron Donald?


The Big Flounder's stupid move to the 3-4, away from Zimmer's top ranked 4-3, was one of the big reasons for the Cowboys failure over the last decade. They spent several seasons trying to get the personnel in place and never mastered it. If that hadn't happened, the Cowboys would never have hired Wade Phillips as head coach. Several players, like Ratliff and Hatcher, had their prime years wasted in the wrong defense.

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