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Twitter reveals Wade Phillips' worst flaws

UnknownIn his first season as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Wade Phillips would often walk around the locker room and training room touting his achievements as things that not even Bill Parcells had done up to but not including the bye-week playoff victory.

Wade could rip off the greatness of his resume whenever needed, because at the end he desperately wanted you to think him of his as a great head coach. He already knew you thought he was a quality defensive coordinator, but he wanted to be called a great head coach. The problem is that he wasn't.

Wade loathed confrontation, and he was too nice and too trusting to be a great in that role at the pro, or high college, levels.

On Thursday, he took to Twitter to remind you of his greatness, which in the end just exposed his insecurity, and made him look small.

On his Twitter account, @SonofBum, Phillips' Tweeted: "Jason Garrett is tied with Wade Phillips for 56 games as the @dallascowboys head coach. Phillips: 34 - 22; Garrett: 29 -27. #surprisesMe"

(He did not Tweet that his teams are 1-10 in their last 11 games with Wade at the controls.)
The Tweet is funny only until you realize it's sad.

When this Tweet blewup, Wade did as Wade do. He Tweeted: "My surprise was that Jason and I had coached the same number of games. Not the record - time passes quickly -I wish Jason & Cowboys well"

Ahem: Buuuuulllll s---------------------

Garrett was hired before Wade was in 2007, and now it's more than obvious two were never buddy-buddy. It was little secret Garrett was not a huge fan of some of the things Wade preached when he was the head coach and Garrett was his offensive coordinator.

Wade was recently dismissed as the defensive coordinator of the Houston Texans when that staff was fired. He has yet to find a new gig. He has worked in the NFL for more than 30 years, has certainly demonstrated he can coordinate a defense and is not just a creation of nepotism. He has made millions of dollars doing what he loves, yet he can't let this one go.

Wade would often remind you that he was pretty great, too; of the statistics his defenses compiled, of his record as a head coach - 82-64. He usually fails to mention his teams are 1-5 in the playoffs.

Wade is 66, and despite some of his goofiness he has been around long enough, and done enough, to garner respect as a coach in the NFL. He's just not a great head coach.

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I agree with all this about Wade, but its pretty plain that Garrett's not even a good coordinator. I'd probably be a little pissed off too if I was fired and the lackey who couldn't run the offense my last two years efficiently at all was still there firing everyone but himself. Its Robs fault, no its Kiffens fault, no its callahans fault Garrett.


I've heard him on more than one occasion get chippy with reporters who questioned his coaching record. The guy is extremely sensitive to criticism. He knows the stats that supports his opinion of himself, which is very high I might add. The problem with trying to evaluate Wade is that like all former Cowboys coaches you always have to start with...."Yeah, but he had to work for Jerry". When you look at his 34-22 record with the Cowboys, that's pretty impressive considering who was making the personnel moves during his tenure.


Wade seems like the perfect Cowboys coach....look at his playoff record!!

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