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UFC 171 - This should already be Bigg Rigg's belt

UFC-171Georges St. Pierre is very likely somewhere resting his bones and taking it easy during his self-imposed sabbatical from UFC fighting. He left a champion, when he fact he should have retired "a loser."

The title fight on Saturday night in UFC 171 between local guy Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks and Robbie Lawler should not be for a vacant belt. This should already belong to Hendricks.

A stacked card will play at Monopoly Airlines Center in downtown Dallas with Johny v. Lawler as the main event.

The Vegas line has it as Johny Hendricks (-360) vs. Robbie Lawler (+300). 

This should already be Hendricks' title, and he should be the overwhelming favorite considering how badly he beat up GSP in UFC 167. If you don't recall, GSP was given a controversial decision in their fight back in November.

Hendricks1Hendricks told me later he was not as aggresive in the fifth and final round because he was trying to protect a knee he later learned was not as injured as he feared. Most experts believe it was that round that gave GSP that decision, barely.

Lawler is a massive puncher, and if he can get one or two clean shots in at Hendricks the latter will be in trouble. But that is not going to happen. Hendricks is the top-ranked fighter in his weight class for a reason, and already "defeated" the best fighter in his division without the benefit of the proper decision.

He now has the experience of knowing he can go a full five rounds. Bigg Rigg is going to win this by the fourth round, and wear the belt he should already own.

When he is champion, there should be no GSP-asterisk.

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A short time ago, Big Mac believed that Bigg Rigg had defeated GSP solely on the fact that GSP's face was more busted up than Bigg Rigg's face. This is with apparent disregard for the judging criteria and the fact that a fight is scored based on who wins the most rounds. Last night, Bigg Rigg won a unanimous decision over Lawler, but Bigg Rigg's face was more busted up than Lawler's face. I agreed with the decision, having Bigg Rigg winning rounds 1, 2 and 5. I wonder if Big Mac has educated himself more on the judging criteria of the sport, or if he thinks Lawler was robbed based on the fact that Bigg Rigg's face was more busted up.

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