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Uncomfortable questions with Dick Vitale

IMG_3835FORT WORTH, Texas - It was almost awkward to watch Dick Vitale lead a one-ton steer named Joel through the process of picking every game of the NCAA tournament bracket. Had it been anyone other than Vitale, maybe it would have been a trainwreck but he managed to make it entertaining to the gathering of roughly 20 people on Tuesday at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Love him or hate him, the man knows his college basketball. He was in town to promote the Allstate March Mayhem Challenge, and took some questions to talk about everything.

Joel The Longhorn did not pick Texas to win in the first round. I could not believe it. Rick Barnes and company. That's bad - right here - picking against the Longhorns. It shocked me.

Ron+Baker+NCAA+Basketball+Tournament+Regionals+RJURiyJN1WwxTeam you like in this field? Oklahoma State could be a dangerous team. They would be one of my sleepers. They didn't achieve this year. I'd take them and Kentucky. Two teams as 8 and 9 seeds - dangerous. They didn't live up to expecations. They can change that all right now. People don't remember what you did in the year.
I will be sad if Wichita State gets beat if people say, 'They didn't play anybody.' 34-0 is special. I thought they got a raw deal being placed in the Midwest where they could possibly have to beat Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan or Duke just to get out of that region.

Can Cinderella win the title now? We were so close with Butler, VCU and George Mason. Today, when you keep teams together and the programs with the one and done, many of them lose those great players and can't develop that rythym and that cromraderie that you would like to have.  

Did SMU get a raw deal not getting picked? They had a terriffic year. Who would you knock out (to put SMU in)? A couple of teams there their resumes were as good as. Larry Brown, I am a fan of - we're in the 70s club. Larry has rejuvenated them; they are going to be better next year.
My biggest question with the (selection) committee was the seedings. There is no way Louisville should be a four, that there are 12 teams better than them.
Kentucky as an eight. They are a dangerous eight.

Why is Louisville a four? I didn't think the conference, as a whole, got the respect it deserves. UConn and Cincinnatti didn't get good seeds. The eyeball test - watch Louisville play - they should have been much higher.

Lebron2What do you think of Adam Silver wanting to increase the age minimum on NBA draft eligible players? I think that would be a positive. I believe that college should be for those who want to go to college. College should not be a rent a player for a year; how much academic love do you think they have.
I would like to see it like baseball; they do it the right way. If you want to play, and leave out of high school, you should have that right. The NCAA, MLB and Player's Union all unite and are in symphony.
If LeBron James is good enough to play, why deny him the chance to make a living? Or Kobe Bryant.
Those kids like (Andrew) Wiggins, (Jabari Parker) or (Julius) Randle should have been allowed to go (to the NBA draft).
Look at baseball - the rule is, if you want to go out of high school, you are allowed to go. But once you step on that campus, you stay for three years. There are too many kids that go on that are not ready.
The draft is potential, potential, potential. Any team that does not take (Creighton senior forward) Doug McDermott in the top 10, is making a major, major mistake.


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Dub Kennedy

I don't think I've ever seen a man wearing a white cowboy hat. Vitale pulls if off tho.

Meanwhile back at the StartleGram Ranch, Herr Engelmann's softball questions are duller than usual.

Rob Tentoy

You know what is awkward? Reading grammar/spelling mistakes like this:

"It was almost awkward to watch Dick Vitale led a one-ton steer named Joel"

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