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Video: The Killers have offed "One Shining Moment"

300x300This is the rare opportunity to post one of my favorite interviews - in 2005, I talked to David Barrett, who wrote and was the original voice behind the now famous "One Shining Moment." It took him 20 minutes to write the song.

We are in 2014, and the NCAA tournament has morphed into a cash monster built on the backs of kids just trying to get an edukashion.

'One Shining Moment' will likely endure, but the greatness of 'The Killers' is cashing in on the Final Four experience.

The Killers will join Bruce Springsteen, Tim McGraw and others at the March Madness Music Festival from April 5 - 7 in downtown Dallas. 

The Killers also posted this tourney-friendly video with A Shot at the Night: 



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