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Why all men should love Frank Lloyd Wright

TaliesinWest03_gobeirneSCOTTSDALE, Arizona - Because the greater Phoenix area is roughly 23 years old - give or take - it's not exactly loaded with scores and scores of "culture". When you head out to the playground of the eldery, and you are just itching to see something famous - check out one of the coolest houses ever built.

That would be the winter home of the greatest architect America ever produced, Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen West. Click here for the website. It's not exactly Falling Water, his most famous creation - but it's an amazing structure, vision, and creation.

Located in North Scottsdale, this is  one of those "museum" homes that you look at and immediately think, "Yeah - I can do this", while ignoring the fact the birdhouse you built killed three birds, one squirrel, and is now a home to gypsy rats.

TaliesinWest2010GardenRoomTalisen West's property is laaaaaarge, and use of natural light and space with the mountains as the background is amazing; Wright started this project back in the '30s. A small number of the original appretentices who worked with Wright on this project actually still live on this site. And apparently can party like no other.

The greatest detail about Taliesen West, or any of Wright's creation, is the fact he had no formal training yet drew, and built, some of America's most celebrated buildings. Like any man, he learned by doing.

To hell with reading the manual, Frank Lloyd Wright went out and did it - trial and error. Don't give me no books - the best way to learn is to do.

The lesson of Talisen West is not to use natural resources to your homes' benefit.
The better lesson is the next time the Mrs., or your SO, suggests that you read the map, or follow the instructions, you tell them you're doing it the Frank Lloyd Wright way - by doing. 


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