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Why Jerry Jones drives us all nuts

The video clip lasted but a few seconds, but it reinforced why the owner of the Dallas Cowboys should not be the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys.

On the red carpet before the start of the 2014 Academy Awards, comedian Mindy Kaling was being interviewed when, right behind her strolling into the Kodak Theater, is the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys with his bride.


Cameras must not have been able to catch a view of Ozzie Newsome, John Schneider, Ryan Grigson or the other GMs of the NFL as they walked into to watch the Oscars.

Suspend the idea that the other NFL GMs were all hard at work on Sunday night trying to improve their football team. They were likely watching Hollywood's annual back-pat, and you can bet had they scored an invite to the awards they would have gone with their SO just like Jerry. If the other GM's weren't watching, they were taking it easy and relaxing.

That a wealthy person scored an invite to the Oscars is no big deal. That Jerry wanted to attend the Academy Awards is no surprise - no one loves stars more than Jerry.

When the Cowboys' practice facility collapsed in April of 2009 - the day of rookie minicamp - where was Jerry? At the Kentucky Derby, just like the every other NFL GM. His appearance on Sunday in LA is just more proof that Jerry's interests, and time, are so widespread there is no way possible for him to be an effective GM. 

Too many fish, meet frying pan.

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You nailed it, Mac. While Jerry is a walking faux pas at the Oscars, the real football guys are in the bunker preparing for the draft. This is exactly the reason that you saw chaos and anarchy in the Cowboys war room last year when Dallas was on the clock in the first round. There is no substitute for preparation, and while I realize that Jerry has a lot of irons in the fire there is just no way he can be effective as a part-time GM. I'm not questioning Jerry's work ethic mind you, but his hours aren't spent on the football minutiae necessary to make competent personnel decisions. The rest of the NFL knows this and has an edge over Dallas on draft day.


Loved this piece. Maybe the best piece you have written since the inception of your blog. It totally sums Jerry up. Pathetic.

Michael Goulding

I thought Jerry might have been up for an Academy Award for best actor as an NFL General Manager.


Jerry would draft his entire team out of Hollywood

Looking For A Reason

Of course other NFL teams have a leg up on d'Boys every draft day... they don't have Jerry Jones' interference.

Other Teams have NFL "Professional" full time management. Jerry is a deal maker, that's his first love.. the art of a deal.

Jerry glorifies his personal image when he makes "headlines" by every now and then snatching up a free agent like Hershel Walker, Dion Sanders, and Brandon Carr... it makes his year, but doesn't really help the team to another Playoff game or Super Bowl.

With Jerry its all about the lights, cameras and him!


The guy is a megalomaniac to the 10th degree. And unfortunately Dallas fans are stuck with him. And Jerry has already dropped his annual spring "Super Bowl" teaser. He must think we are all stupid. He has no clue how to build a SB winning team. What a joke! I see no hope in sight!

Jim Merritt

Jaharry may be a smart business man but he and his are as DUMB as rocks when it comes to running a football team. I can not understand why in the HE!! people still fill the Jaharry shrine every home game, make that place become at least half empty and that would force the village IDIOT to hire REAL football oeople to run the team.

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