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A&M's "trash" could be a TCU treasure

Texas-AM-johnny-manziel-backupAs expected, Texas A&M quarterback Matt Joeckel is leaving College Station to play his final season of college ball.

TCU, get on the phone.

Joeckel would not have to sit out one season because he graduated in December. He has one year of eligibility remaining. He clearly was never going to see the field again under head coach Kevin Sumlin, but for TCU he would be a nice bridge to high school signee Foster Sawyer.

Joeckel graduated from Arlington High, and originally was pursued by TCU. He spent the last two years organizing Johnny Manziel's little black book, and stocking Johnny Football with fresh burners.

At 6-foot-4, 234 pounds, Joeckel has the frame to play. He has experience of big-time college ball. He's older. He would be what TCU desperately needs - a quarterback with some experience who can play. If he could really play, A&M would never have let him leave but it doesn't mean he can't help a different program.
Joeckel would not be a savior, but he could be an upgrade.

Right now, Trevone Boykin and Tyler Matthews are the on-campus choices for the top QB spot. Boykin is better suited to catch or run with the ball than throw it.

UPDATE: According to Star-Telegram TCU beat writer Stefan Stevenson, Matthews is transferring thus confirming what I thought all along - the coaches knew he couldn't play.

Grayson Muehlstein of Decatur and Foster Sawyer, who are both high school seniors, are expected to compete for the job when fall practice begins.

Joeckel may not be the Heisman winner, but what TCU head coach Gary Patterson needs right now are viable options.

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camp crystal lake

this is a good story. this kid can play. I'm betting there are a lot of schools interested. it surprises me this kid isn't getting more ink. he has skills. tcu is nuts for not going after him hard. I would be surprised if he went with tcu but it's easy to see why a school like tcu (and others) would be interested

Jack Moseley thought all along that Tyler Mathews couldn't play and you say TCU's coaches know this? Living in California, I don't get the "daily" TCU news but I do check in when I can; so how was this fact (that you and the coaches seem to have known) hidden from the masses. Was it just me that didn't have a clue that a highly thought of, 4 star quarterback recruited to TCU with, as I remember was celebrated as a good thing at the time, couldn't play football very well?

Mac Engel


Just because a guy is however-many star recruit means he will be a good player on the next level. It was apparent by the way the coaches were treating him they didn't think he could play.
That's why he is leaving. The same for Joeckel at A&M. If his coaches thought he could play, he would be in College Station competing for the starting job.
Both guys saw the writing on the wall.
Not person. It's cut throat, and it's the way it is.
Doesn't mean these guys are bums, but it does mean their respective coaching staffs didn't think they had a future beyond that of a backup at those programs.

- Mac


Classless title.


I must be the only person in town that believes we should invest in Boykin. He has a gun for an arm and if the coaching staff actually gives him a full off-season and 12 game season to play, I believe he would outshine all of these other guys. Boykin also has 2 (or is it 3?) more seasons of eligibility and has started games in the last two seasons. TCU is willing to throw all of that away on a 1-season eligible player? I just don't see the arm strength in the other players, nor the ability to chuck the ball on the run 50+ yards down field. This should be Boykin's coming out party having played the last 2 seasons.

Rob Tentoy

Mike, you aren't the only one. Now, granted, I'd say that Boykin should get the opportunity if A) he wants it and B) he earns it over the other QBs. He might prefer being a weapon FOR QB's instead of actually being one. I don't really know.
What I do know is that he got a raw deal in the whole Pachall debacle and doesn't get the respect or accolades he deserves.

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