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Big Mac Blog takes the bronze

Swimming-trophy-awards-4jLD6vOne year ago, the Big Mac Blog was shutout and dealt a crushing, devastating, humilating defeat.

The 2011 winner of the Best Blog by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors in the AAAA (largest) category, in '12 this same blog was not even an honorable mention. Total defeat. Lots of dark days. Soul searching. So much confusion. So many questions. And a truck load of pills.

Critics hailed the '12 voting with headlines such as, "About damn time", "There is indeed a God", and "Maybe journalism isn't dead."

But every day is a new day, and every time God closes a door he also closes a window.

On Saturday night in South Padre Island, the 2013 awards were announced by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors and ... The Big Mac Blog finished third! The Big Mac Blog is like the Wade Phillips of Blogs.

The winners: 

Class AAAA: First, Staff, Dallas Morning News; Second, Houston Chronicle energy team, Houston Chronicle; Third, Mac Engel, Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Honorable mention, Gordon Dickson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Obviously, the checks cleared in time. It should be noted the blogs that finished ahead of this one have budgets in the millions, helicopters, extensive staffs, interns, free Folger's House coffee, and an unlimited supply of AAA batteries.

Bronze-medal[1]Regardless, news of this voting was not met well in the professional, or academic, circles.

"Why did someone send us this link?" - Harvard Review.
"This news will cause yet another riot." - Ft. Collins Prisoners Quarterly.
"Why did we give this fool any platform, much less a blog?" - Mac's boss.

Here is the reality: Third-place is the new first-place.

A sincere congratulations to all the members of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram who were recognized in the awards, and to everyone in an industry that continues to try like hell to produce quality content in the face of a many financial obstacles.



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Congratulations. I felt the same way back in elementary school when I got the participation award for the fifth grade egg toss at field day. You must be very proud.

Rob Tentoy

One more example of why awards based on subjective criteria are utterly worthless.

Seriously... what are the measurements for comparison between blogs? I just can't fathom anything where this blog stands out in any sort of superiority.

champagne dreams

Richly deserved. 2013 was an amazing year for this blog. Congratulations! I'm sure your employer is so over joyed they do what they usually do when you get recognition; nothing

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