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Big Mac List: Kevin Costner's Best Sports Movies

Draftday6f-1-webEver since Kevin Costner played a corpse in a scene that was eventually cut from the 1983 hit The Big Chill, he has been entertaining audiences and wowing the ladies with his dashing good looks, and self-importance.

No actor has played sports in a movie any better than Costner. Costner is to the sports' movie genre as Arnold is to the action flick - they know how to do it.

Costner plays the Cleveland Browns GM in the new movie, Draft Day, which opens April 11. He carries the movie. This is the perfect chance to rank his best sports movies, and this list is quite impressive.

American Flyers (1985)
A movie about cycling that bombed ($1.4 million box office). Never saw it. Looks bad.

Waterworld (1995)
It's not about sports but it's a chance to mention this monumental bomb of a movie. And I think Cosnter swims in this movie, and that's a sport.

For the Love of the Game (1999)
Costner plays an aging big-league pitcher who, during the process of throwing a perfect game, recounts his career and his relationship with that chick who married John Travolta. Costner looks like a big-league pitcher, but the highlight is Vin Scully calling the game that serves as a backdrop to the entire film.

ImageTin Cup (1996)
Costner is a West Texas golfer who qualifies for the U.S. Open, and falls for Rene Russo (solid). He is fantastic as Roy McAvoy, especially in the immortal final scene on 18.

Field of Dreams (1989)
Costner turns his Iowa cornfield into a baseball field because voices told him he should. Another Costner sports movie that endures decades later; the whole connecting with the dad, and "play catch thing" ... damn thing makes even the manliest-man tear up. 

Bull Durham (1988)
Arguably the single-best movie about sports ever made, and one that remains relevant decades later. Costner's signature role as an aging minor-league baseball player who grooms a super-talented pitcher on the way up. The language is authentic, and Costner looks, sounds and acts like an old ballplayer.


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Jon Box

Seen them all and enjoyed them--no apologies!

Rob Tentoy


Bull Durham - KC plays an old catcher that helps out the wild young pitcher

Major League - Tom Berenger plays an old catcher that helps out the wild young pitcher and woos Rene Russo

Tin Cup - KC woos Rene Russo

Surely this means something... Maybe?

(ok probably not)

nuke laloosh

Point: American Flyer was awesome. It inspired me to shave my legs and think about maybe riding my bike sometime.

Counter Point: Costner's For the Love of the Game was a miserable piece of crap.

Final Analysis: Costner sucks. John Travolta's wife is hot.

bates motel

Looks worse than 'Sabotage'

mj Hawkeye

For the love of the game is an excellent baseball movie. But, one has had to play the game to understand it's nuances. It's inside baseball.

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