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Dallas Cowboys win 2014 NFL Schedule Release Title

6-jordan-daigle-zach-craig-college-football-wagsThe greatest enablers of Jerry Jones are not the fans, or us edeots in the evil media, but the NFL and the TV execs who put together the schedule.

The NFL released the schedule on Thursday night, and the Kings of 8-8 are once again the Princes of Prime Time. Let them eat cake!

The Dallas Cowboys remain undefeated in Regular Season Schedule Release.

And with the NFL and NBC now agreeing to 'flex' games beginning in Week 5, the Cowboys could be on Sunday Night Football every other week.

A team that has not made the playoffs since 2009 remain the darlings of the National Football League - they will play the prime time game five times in 2014. Just imagine if this team was any bleeping good how often kickoffs would be at 7:30 p.m., Jerry Standard Time.

Only six of their 16 games are scheduled for the dreaded "this game will stink" noon kickoff. Everything else is a kickoff of destination, of interest.

The best news for the Cowboys is that this schedule, unlike last season, is not loaded with a collection of quarterbacks who will rewrite the record book against the Cowboys' 39th-ranked defense.

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39th ranked out of 32 NFL teams is quite an accomplishment.


Margarita machines and crazy straws.....

Mac Engel

It was a joke. Trying to illustrate it was the worst defense in the NFL. Thanks.


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