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How SMU may just yet land Myles Turner

U7HPA.St.58In an effort to contribute to the parade of speculation where Euless Trinity High School senior center Myles Turner may play college ball ...

The 6-foot-11 Turner, who is ranked second among the nation's top high school seniors by various recruiting services, has officially added SMU to his list of finalists along with Texas, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and Arizona.

This can happen.

When I interviewed Turner, and his father David Turner, earlier this year his father mentioned one specific element they are looking for in his son's next stop.

"He wants to play with a point guard," David Turner said.

That would mean Myles wants to play with a really good point guard, which SMU should have.

SMU has signed 6-foot-5 point guard Emmanuel Mudiay of Prime Prep Academy; he is the highest-ranked recruit SMU has ever signed.

Despite Turner originally saying SMU was not on his official list, SMU head coach Larry Brown kept showing up to practices and games in an effort to change Turner's mind.

There may not be a better coach of point guards in basketball, college or pro, and the chance to play with Muddiay could sway Turner to be a Pony. If Turner does attend SMU, a team that already looked to be the best in the state could easily be a preseason top-15 team next season.

Hell, stranger things have happened. Like, for instance, SMU is coached by Larry Brown. Or that SMU basketball is good.

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Jon Nix

Mac can't seem to write an article or blog post without a dig on SMU in some way or another. It would be a nice surprise to land him. I'm sure he got excited about the chance to play with Mudiay after seeing him on the court last night.

Brady Man

"Hell, stranger things have happened. Like, for instance, SMU is coached by Larry Brown. Or that SMU basketball is good."

Cute...Take off your purple panties before you write the next column.


On a related note, I'd like to say that TCU people have an inferiority complex. They get smoked academically but because of sports, they overshadowed us in our own damn city. Basketball has turned us into Dallas' team/college. TCU is now relegated to the obscurity of Fort Worth.


With Embiid gone, KU is looking better and better for Myles Turner

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