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Jerry World has helped re-define what an OK seat is at a sporting event

Photo-6ARLINGTON, Texas - Cherie Riley and her 13-year-old son, Logan, are Wisconsin fans living in Colleyville, Texas who scouted AT&T Stadium before purchasing seats to the big games. They were near the top of the building on Friday during the free practices.

"It's not as bad as I thought it would be," Cherie said. "When we came up here I thought the players were going to look like little ants."

She's right - they look like slightly bigger little ants. By our former definition, these seats should be classified as "Awful" or "Offensive". But given the fact this stadium is only slighty larger than Mars, it's easy to fear that the cheap seats at Jerry World are both terrible, and certainly not cheap.

A.) They aren't terrible.
B.) They are getting chearper.

Photo-5Riley told me the prices on StubHub for the three-game event have dropped to around $190. For three games, a little more than $60 per game is not awful. She was right; looking on, the tickets for this event are dropping because they appear to be so many available.

What has changed so much is our own expectations when we attend these massive events held in places such as Jerry World. We don't expect a great seat any more. The key is not so much the view but the sound. When I attended the 2008 Final Four in San Antonio as a fan, I was way up top - so high I could not hear the sounds of the shoes on the floor, or Mario Chalmers' shot going over Derrick Rose's hand to tie the title game.

This can be, and often is, solved by microphones placed on the floor and the sounds spread throughout with speakers. It helps, and hopefully such beasts exist for Logan Riley, who likes the Wisconsin band.

What makes the biggest difference is that we have lowered our expectations. Unless we are paying thousands, we don't expect too much so people like Mrs. Riley are pleasantly surprised when the cheap seats are actually in the building.

FYI - The worst seats in the house? Not at the top - they are on the floor, where the students of the four participating schools have access to these seats. 







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