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Law of averages catching up with TCU

1109138News that TCU wide receiver Brandon Carter was arrested on a marijuana charge is not terribly surprising, but it is depressing. Carter was already not practicing with the team in the spring to address school work, and some family issues.

TCU was trying to give Carter every reason to remain with the football team, but this latest incident may be about it. Having a little bit of weed is no longer considered the sin it once was, but given Carter's career at TCU people within the program expect him to be dismissed. It was never a question of talent, but merely of maturity.

In the last three years, a program that had been nearly pristine continues to be dirtied by off-the-field behaviors that previously had been few and far between in the Gary Patterson era.

The actions by Casey Pachall, Tanner Brock, Devonte Fields, Carter, LaDarius Brown, David Jenkins and a few others are varied and not all related, and can even explained as dumb things by dumb college kids, but this is not a symptom of a larger problem. This is not Gary just signing a bunch of talented idiots to win games. This is merely a matter of percentages, and some really bad timing.

Since Dennis Franchione arrived as the head coach at TCU, in 1998, the school has rolled the dice on some kids in the name of talent, and winning. To name a few: LaMarcus McDonald, Daryl Washington, Aaron Brown, Tommy Blake and a few others that may not have qualified to run a daycare center.

C8yHH.St.58For more than a decade, just about nothing happened for TCU off the field. All of the quiet gave the head coach a little bit of confidence, and the administration a blank check, to continue granting "exceptions".

Continue granting those exceptions and eventually you are going to get burned. If a team does not have strong leadership from the players, knuckleheads can easily ruin a locker room, and muddy a program's reputation that for more than a decade was clean.

TCU can no longer just recruit the cute little 2A quarterback and turn him into a safety and expect the same results against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Iowa State, Texas and Baylor the way it did against New Mexico, UNLV, Air Force and Wyoming.

The Frogs' need better, bigger, and faster players across the board. Sometimes those qualifications come with baggage. Not everyone of those guys will flop and flounder and frustrate you like Brandon Carter or LaDarius Brown.

Some of those "exceptions" grow up, and help you win. Some guys screw up and figure it out. No great team is loaded with choir boys.
But guys like Carter and Brown are only good enough to get you beat.

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Rob Tentoy

I'm not entirely sure of the point you are trying to make here.


Time to clean house and bring in Mack Brown to get this program in order.

Sam Bass

Texas Cocaine University!! good job big 12, good job....

Rob Tentoy

Sam Bass... even worse at snarky insults than Mac Engel

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