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Mark Cuban's silence about a certain Clippers owner is telling

Mark-cubanSince he bought the Dallas Mavericks and made himself into a celebrity, Mark Cuban has been media money. The man is a wonderful sound bite as he offers opinions on everything, and has been routinely unafraid to criticize anybody.

He has been critical of Phil Jackson, David Stern, NBA officials, the NCAA, the Olympics, the NFL, Lamar Odom, Don Nelson, Avery Johnson, "absentee NBA owners", the Academy Awards, etc. He has made a nice little niche for himself as the guy unafraid of his own opinions - these are not common animals.

And yet when it comes to the matter of Los Angeles Clippers owner latest run with racism, Cuban is electing to say nothing other than "the obvious is the obvious."

This is such a slam-dunk, no-brainer subject to weigh in on and he takes a pass, likely under the guise of "the high road".

The "obvious is the obvious" has never stopped Cuban from commenting before, whether it is about the NBA or anything else. Certainly Cuban has weighed in on matters that normally would be for the commissioner only.

For a long time, as the "new owner", Cuban did not have relationships with many of his fellow NBA owners, making it easier for him to rip whomever. Now, after owning this team for more than a decade, he knows these people. He is a big part of the NBA owner's Rich Guy Club. These people are his friends, making it harder to be so candid about their flaws.

Sterlings_630x474No, it would appear - and just that, appear - that Cuban likes Donald Sterling and simply does not want to bag on his friend. Only a few years ago, Cuban commented that he liked Sterling because he does things his own way. 

Cuban always seems to prefer rich guys who "do things their own way", usually right until they don't agree with him. As an NBA owner, Sterling never got in the way. Ever. He just owned his team for more than 30 years, and willingly provided a loser every season until the last few when he stumbled into Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.

Maybe Cuban was likely unaware that Sterling has had a history of making some incredibly stupid, racist, comments. Or Cuban is simply extending the universeal Rich Guy Pass - it's all good, because you can buy your way out of this.

It's not hypocritical for Cuban to no-comment on this, but it is slightly telling. He obviously does not condone Sterling's latest comments, but he clearly does not want to bag on a buddy, either.

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BIGGIE in big D

Great article. I had been wondering what you would have to say about this. You nailed it. Cuban's silence says it all. If there was ever a reason for me dislike Cuban, this it. Great article.


It's like everything else in driven. Don Sterling has been a tree or so short of a forest for a long time. He is who he is. If he said what he is accused of saying, it's wrong. But I really don't care to hear any more about it. But I will, because water boys across the NBA will be interviewed by ABC, TNT and anyone else who has a microphone. Let the NBA deal with Don. Let's move on and play ball.


Or maybe Cuban simply doesn't feel the need to play along and placate the press. What's wrong with his quote? Obviously it's stupid and ignorant and racist. Why does he need to say anything more?


Mark Cuban is married to a black lady. His children are, of course, mixed race (like Obama is). Cuban has wonderful relationships with team members and their families irrespective of race. He has many business partners who are black. He has backed several black entrepreneurs. He welcomes one and all to his home and to his games. Of all people he is the least who should be subject to any criticism about racism.


Most likely, Cuban knows that there are legal ramifications to this situation and that as an owner, he will have some say as to the ultimate consequences from the NBA passed on to Sterling over this. Cuban keeping his mouth shut is most likely a reflection of the fact that anything he says against Sterling could come back to haunt him when all is said and done.


Mark Cuban is not married to a Black lady... Check your facts


In relation to a point made above. Donald Sterling said to Vanessa Stiviano "you can bring Magic Johnson here (his home), you can feed him (eat with him), you can F*** him(exchange bodily fluids-the most physically intimate of acts sex-with him), but do not be publicly seen with him nor bring him to my arena and games. He has black athletes and staff to whom he writes a cheque to every week and or month yet still hold the views he does. To say Mark Cuban should not be subject to criticism about racism because he has black business partners or has supported some black entrepreneurs is naive. Donald Sterling's comments attest to that.


This is a stupid premise. So anyone who doesn't come out loud to give the media a quote is protecting a buddy? That's stupid. Maybe Mark is waiting for the tape to be authenticated? How stupid would he look if it turned out to be fake (albeit unlikely). Maybe he's working behind the scenes to push for serious punishment? I think saying, "the obvious is the obvious" is enough. Of course, he could me like Magic and come and strong after ignoring Sterlings past transgressions. It he could be like Paul, Blake, and Rivers and take Gobs of money from Sterling them become all self-righteous? Mac needs to get off his high horse and gain a new perspective.


You are way out of line on this one. Of course Don Sterling is a racist idiot; but you have NO right to acuse Mark Cuban!!! " what is obvious is obvious" He totally agrees it was a horrid comment, don't make something out of nothing just because he is well to do; enough already!!!!


Obvious its just another "ol' boyz club" protecting their own from critics. Cuban is way too confident his silence will go unnoticed. I doubt he cares about it, long as he doesn't lose money.


I wasn't going to comment on this post, but by your definition my silence would mean I was condoning Sterling's racist comments.

mavs rule

Get a life and stop telling us ur opinion on what u think people are thinking, bashing someone for saying something stupid is ok. But bashing somebody for not getting involved is another. Leave cuban alone .he is married to a black woman and far from racist. Haters making commenrs like i hate him for not saying nothing need to go play i. Traffic, prpnably heat fans that got smacked up bu the mavs. Ass pickles


Ummmm - Cuban is the next to investigate. His "dancing" around just what to do about Sterling raise a lot of red flags.

Keyzer Soze

NAACP is also racist by association.
I mean what with two Lifetime Achievement awards and a President's Award from same to Don.
How does anyone receive two lifetime awards from the same group? Less than a few years apart?
Who knew money could appease blacks about racism?
Note that hardly anything is being said about this....

Rob Tentoy

Tiffany Stewart (Mrs. Mark Cuban) is black? Coulda fooled me.
Or does Mark have more than one wife?

I'm still confused about why a racist would own a basketball team for 33 years... particularly one that has historically sucked and been overshadowed by another team in the same town.


Your story is narrow minded and you obviously have a dislike for Cuban ! That is as clear as the money hungry bitch that setup Sterling. Cuban only spoke of a legal aspect, and that it opens up the flood doors. Simply narrow minded and not worth my time anymore...this whole story is a ridiculous joke. First Kap story, which is nothing now this. A spat between a bilionaire and a money hungry bitch reported by TMZ is the new CIVIL RIGHTS ! THEY GOT YOU FOOLED and PULLING THE WOOL OVER EYES, there's a real story somewhere and we are all missing it.


Sorry, it's not Mark Cuban's wife who is black, but the wife of Dirk Nowitzki. I got them confused. I saw the two couples together at a social event and someone pointed them out. Now I realize that when they said, "There's Mark and Dirk with their wives," that Mark was talking to Dirk's wife and Dirk to Mark's wife. I apologize for the mistake.

Rob Tentoy

I can only hope that the NBA reacts with the same speed, decisiveness, and level of punishment the next time one of their players attacks a fan/coach/girlfriend/teammate or does something that is actually a crime.
Also, the same actions will be required any time any member of the NBA does something offensive whether publicly or privately.

Of course, if the NBA took this kind of action in a uniform manner, the league would be dead within a decade.

Yeah, Sterling is an arsehole, but this seems harsh and somewhat hypocritical. Sterling has done worse in the past (although by all accounts, not so much as an NBA owner, but in his other business dealings) but for some reason, a secretly recorded private conversation that amounts to words and not any significant action on Sterling's part is what the NBA is going to go after him for.
If Sterling is banned for life, why are people like Lamar Odom, Metta World Peace, and Carmelo Anthony still lurking around the league? Why isn't Latrell Sprewell banned for life?
And no matter how vile he is, telling someone that they can't own a perfectly legal property and forcing it to be taken away is just wrong.

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