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Mavericks PA man guilty of following his bosses' lead

Somewhere, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has to be smiling, and smacking his head.

The NBA has suspended Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban's hand-picked public address announcer, Sean Heath, for some Tweets he sent out after the refs blew a call. ESPNDallas first reported this story.

MqdefaultHeath wrote after the Mavericks' 122-120 overtime loss against the Golden State Warriors on April 1, "@nba Danny Crawford just blew a goaltending call and cost the Mavs a game. We will all be awaiting your apology. #pathetic".

He Tweeted a few others, but this is the one that likely did it: "@nba: The ONLY professional league in the US with the reputation that the games are rigged. Know why? Because of games like tonight. #shame".

The irony, of course, is that the league later acknowledged for blowing the very call that Heath angirly Tweeted about.

The NBA, naturally, has brought the wrath of justice upon Heath, because it can.

Should he have done it? No.
Should he have been suspended? God no.

Few actually saw Heath's Tweets until the league suspended him and news broke. At the time he Tweeted this, he had about 250 followers.  If the league had merely given Heath a phone call and a serious talkin'-to, nothing would have happened. Even after this "big news", he is up to a modest 580 Twitter followers.

This is just another example of a Dallas Mavericks do what a Dallas Mavericks do - rip the league, and its "incompetent" referees for blowing calls, and robbing their team of more wins.

It's another example of the NBA doing what the NBA do - justifying paychecks by handing out needless suspensions that will solve little to nothing.

From his broadcasters to his PA guy, Cuban wants homers who cry, kick, whine and moan when his toy loses. All Heath did was his job. Give him a raise.


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Randy Frame

I agree. Give him a raise. And the NBA does seem to be rigged at times, even now. That goal tend was so blatant, I just don't see how 3 refs missed it. But, oh well. It's just entertainment. And "Game of Thrones" and "Captain America" are going now, it's festival time in Texas, on to other things...

Rob Tentoy

Refs, Umps, and Officials are a bunch of thin skinned tyrants that need their superiority validated by league officials cracking down on mean words.

the kettle

I hope you get suspended for life.

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